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My mother has always wanted me to become a policeman. Forwhatever reasons, she has been pushing the idea on me since theday I left high school. It was even more pressuring when I wasunemployed.

It was when I started working I discovered that it was possibleto have an online business and create a source of income fromit.

Back in the year 2000 when I built my first website, I facedmany obstacles and opposition mainly from some of my family andfriends. As far as they were concerned the internet is nothingmore than a gigantic scam waiting to drain precious dollars outof your pocket.

I was once scammed in the infamous 090isp program. I remembergoing to work for several days without lunch after using mypaycheck to send the money order to pay for my website only tofind out it was all a fluke. I was laughed at by my friends andcalled a fool for handing my money to people I don’t know.

Something inside of me refused to give up and I decided thenthat proving to them that money can be made online would be myonly vindication. To make matters worse, I did not have a PC andI had to resort to using the ones at work to build my dreams.

Eventually, my boss soon found out about my profound interest inspending so much time online and I was warned more than once tocease and desist. Not even that could stop me from movingforward.

Right in the middle of it all, I had my first child and suddenlyresources were getting even scarcer. I used my situation as amotivator to build my dreams for a better life i.e. takinglife’s lemons to make lemonade.

The two main mental tools that I use are belief andperseverance. A strong belief in what I am doing and perseveringto work that dream to fruition.

Without them I would have stopped when my loved ones laughed atand ridiculed me for chasing pie-in-the-sky dreams.

There is a lot more I could tell you but I will stop here. Thisarticle is not about me but is really about you. I just want youto understand where I am coming from so that we can see thingseye to eye.

My reason for bearing some of my soul to you and sharing some ofmy struggles are for you to draw some inspiration from it. Ifyou find yourself in a similar position or worse, your dreams arestill possible if you believe, persevere and strive for yourgoals.

And someday you may appreciate your tenacity the way I did whenI received my first online check. I will never forget the lookon the face of my co-workers face the day the courier deliveredthe check to my workplace. Or the way my Mom looked when sheheld my check with disbelief. Her first words were “Son, it is agood thing that you did not become a policeman.

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