If the system is broken, how can you make it work for you? This is a question that puzzles battered women in family court.

They show up expecting the court to protect the rights of their children and themselves, only to discover that it becomes an uphill battle to simply defend against losing one’s basic liberties.

Sometimes it’s not what you do, it’s what you don’t do that matters most. This little principle applies to one’s success in navigating the court system successfully.

Here are some things to avoid in your family court battle.

1) Putting your best foot forward like “a bull in a china shop.” Trying to look good can often come off as over-compensating for not being the “good” person you claim you are. Better to simply be yourself.

2) Expecting others to keep it together for you. You are the keeper of your temple, your ship, your case and your life. You must at all times have a complete record of your case: all court orders, all pleadings and all evidence.

3) Allowing each battle during the course of the proceedings to drain you. Being spent to the hilt does not put you in a better position to win your case. To the contrary, being overly spent depletes you and makes you more vulnerable. And this vulnerability weakens you and the prognosis of your case.

If you are a domestic abuse survivor in family court, you know you are in the battle of your life and every move you make is important. Be mindful of moves you are best to avoid and you will increase your likelihood of obtaining the positive outcome you desire.

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For more information on how to successfully navigate the healthcare/legal system as a domestic violence survivor in divorce court, see Legal Domestic Abuse. Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. helps people recognize and end family violence at home and in family court. Copyright 2009 www.PreventAbusiveRelationships.com/legal_domestic_abuse.php