Dissolving gallstones does not have to be done by a surgeon when you have a grocery store within driving distance! For the last few decades, thousands of people have treated their gallstones by getting their gallbladder surgically removed.

Unfortunately, the medical field has made billions of dollars off this surgery. And even more unfortunately, most of the patients could have kept their organ, the gallbladder, by making one trip to the grocery store.

Let me explain!

Why Natural Remedies work with Gallstones

The biggest reason you should choose an alternative treatment is because removing your gallbladder will greatly increase your risk of bowel and colon cancers. You may also wish to pass your gallstones naturally because it is extremely inexpensive compared to the high cost of surgery (+$15,000).

Many people are surprised how simple it is to pass a gallstone if you live a healthier life. Because this disease is often caused by a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, it only makes since that living and eating healthier is the beginning of the natural treatment.

Here are some tips to get you started with painlessly passing your gallstones.

Dissolving Gallstones with a Trip to the Grocery Store

1. The key to dissolving and flushing gallstones is to reduce the toxins and cholesterol that build up in your body and gallbladder. A great place to start is by supplementing ascorbic acid (vitamin C) daily. You should supplement 3000 mg throughout the whole day.

2. Drinking plenty of water will also help flush toxins and cholesterol. Men should drink 125 ounces of water daily and women should drink 100 ounces daily.

3. Supplementing lecithin is also extremely beneficial for reducing toxins. Lecithin is found in mostly vegetables but can be supplemented as well. You should supplement 1200 mg of lecithin twice a day.

4. Many experts state the 2 most important things you should supplement is a multi-vitamin (capsule form) and flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil is a very healthy water soluble oil which has been shown to flush toxins but also help flush the gallbladder. You should supplement 2 tablespoons daily along with your multivitamin.

5. You should also be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Eating 6-7 servings of your favorite fruits and vegetables is a great way to get plenty of water soluble fiber. Fiber is a simple way to flush your gallbladder.

Dissolving Gallstones in Days

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