I didn’t really believe in intuition until four years ago. It really hit home for me the day my car was stolen. I woke up in the morning with the recollection of a dream about my car being stolen. I drove to work and kept “hearing” the message.

So what did I do? I ignored it, of course! I was receiving a very loud and clear message to move my car and not to park it in the parking lot. As I parked and locked my car, I was urged very strongly to move my car to a different spot. I said to myself, “They won’t take my car—it’s old. They’ll take this nice Jimmy next to mine, and besides, it’s raining, and I’m running late.” So, I went into work and forgot all about the car.

After work I came out, and surprise . . . no car! I was stunned into disbelief. I walked back to my office, turned around, and came back to the parking lot, hoping for a different result. My car was definitely gone. What happened then? Police reports, phone calls, insurance, car rentals, paper work . . . hours of time and money spent on making arrangements to get a vehicle.

Then reality hit me hard. Initially, I went into victim mode. What did I do wrong? Why me? Why now? The answer is that I had failed to listen. I had ignored my intuition. I could have saved enormous amounts of stress, time, and money by listening to it. So why didn’t I listen? Because it would have been silly—I had no rational reason to move my car to a different spot. If there had been a security officer at the parking lot verbally asking me to move my car to a safer location, I would have moved my car. But because it was internal guidance, my “gut,” my intuition, I ignored it!

This was a turning point for me. I now rely on my intuition to provide me with the truth about situations, events, people, and places. I encourage you to recognize times when you wished you would have listened. How much heartache and struggle would you have avoided?

Unfortunately, we have been taught in the modern Western world that intuition is invalid, unusual, or perhaps even freaky. We have come to rely extensively on our five senses, although we are all gifted with a sixth sense. Since that fateful day, I have studied and learned a tremendous amount about intuition and God. After all, where does our intuition come from? The source of all there is supplies us with all we need if we would just heed our inner voices. We are all connected to this energy force, the creator, God, the Source, whatever you call it. The same force that beats our hearts rotates planets and turns a seed into a plant. We are all part of this energy. No one is exempt.

Intuition is a natural, normal, wonderful daily occurrence. I have mastered three joyful ways to enhance my intuition, and I am delighted to share them with you.


Decision is very powerful and sets into motion a wide range of energy. Absolutely everything in your life results from decision. Think about it—you make a myriad of decisions every day, and everything in your life is the result of making a decision. When you decide to “listen” to your inner voice, you will hear this voice every single day. Decide, and it is done unto you.

Deciding to really listen will increase your awareness of the times when you are following or ignoring your soul’s guidance. Think about “gut decisions.” The “gut” speaks from your soul. The mind gets caught up in stinky garbage. The “gut” knows before your mind can work it out. The gut does not reason, it simply knows, and herein lies the magic of it. Deciding to listen is the first step. Today, make it a habit to be conscious of your decisions.

Journaling is amazing. You get the opportunity to record the synchronicity, serendipity, and wonder of life. Journaling allows you to remember the greatest things that happen in your day. The more you acknowledge and appreciate the synchronicities, the more they happen. Every time you think something is a coincidence, think again. Write it down; read it over. You will be astounded at what is happening in your life. The answers are everywhere. The proof is write in front of you. Write it down, and you will see it! You are receiving messages—journaling is like putting them in a decoder to reveal the meaning. It’s really easy! There are no hard and fast rules. You can type, you can write, or you can use a tape recorder and talk. This way, you can capture what you are saying (or thinking) to yourself and with it the voice of your intuition.


Laughter will tap into your inner guidance faster than any other technique. Laughter performs miracles every day. Physically, psychologically, and emotionally, laughter is fun. Laughter releases mighty endorphins in our bodies, which feel great. Laughter changes our body chemistry in a wonderful way. When we feel great, we are not resisting the flow of life. When we feel great, we are literally in the flow. When you are in the flow, everything goes smoothly, and you are on top of the world. Why? Because you become open and receptive to receiving your guidance. You listen and act with confidence, without second-guessing yourself. Life really isn’t so serious. Look around you and see what could possibly be funny. Choose to laugh today! Life really is funny when you stop to look at it. God really does have sense of humor. Laugh out loud—it’s a real crowd pleaser.

Decide to laugh every day, and remember to journal your experiences. Then prepare to live an incredible life filled with abundance and joy. The river of life is designed by your choices. You can begin this minute to improve your life, no matter where you are right now. It all begins with your next decision.

Joy now fills my life. I rely on my intuition every day to make my life more joyful and easy. I now listen with full faith for my messages, and you can, too! Join me in sharing a magnificent, beautiful life.

Blessings to you!

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Elizabeth Manuel, BEd, CACE, is dedicated to providing others with the tools to live richly, fully, and happily. Elizabeth has studied the Science of Universal Principles for well over 15 years; her motto is “happiness is a journey we embark on every day.” Elizabeth is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, a yoga instructor, and a clinical hypnotherapist. She uses her skills to assist others in living with passion and joy. Elizabeth owns Metamind Consulting, through which she offers unique and thought-provoking workshops and seminars. Elizabeth is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Visit her Web sites at http://www.ElizabethManuel.com and http://www.metamind.ca.