You have decided that you want a dog. Your friends down the street have a five-year-old pooch that they want you to have. But, you keep thinking about how cute that little puppy will be. There are advantages to adopting a puppy, but adopting an adult dog can provide just as much excitement as that little pooch.

If you know where the dog is coming from, then this is the first advantage. You will know the owners and whether or not the dog was taken care of. If the owners know you, then they should be more than willing to answer all your questions. Here are a few questions you may want to ask.

Has the dog exhibit any destructive behaviors? Does he still display bad behavior? If the owners have lived with the animal for a while, then they will know everything about the dogs personality. Whether it likes to chew on shoes, bark at anything that moves, or dig holes in your backyard, the owners can fill you in on any destructive behaviors. They can also tell you what they have done to stop the behaviors. That way, you’ll know what training methods work and do not work.

Does the dog get along well with other animals and people? This is a biggie especially if you have family. Same goes if you already have other pets in your home, then this is a very important question. You don’t want to bring home a dog that hates cats, dogs, children or people. You want to know if the dog has been socialized and how he feels around others.

Does the dog have any health problems? This is something to take up with the owner and have the examined before you take hime under your roof. You probably want a dog that is completely healthy, but some things can be cured. A dog that has ear mites, for instance, can be taken to the vet to get rid of the mites. A dog with diabetes, however, will require lifelong medical care. You want to make sure that you can provide the care that the dog needs. On the same note, you need to make sure that the dog is up-to-date on vaccinations or what vaccinations he needs.

In addition to getting your questions answered, there are other advantages to adopting an adult dog. An adult dog may have already been trained. You can find out what training methods were used, and what the dog best responds to. If the dog hasn’t been trained, then don’t worry. Older dogs can be trained almost as easily as pups; it just takes a little more time, effort, and patience on your part. Adult dogs are generally calmer than puppies. If you are looking for a laid-back, more relaxed dog, then you probably don’t want a high-strung puppy. Adult dogs are often better with children than younger dogs. They have more experience and tend to be more relaxed around children.

Puppies take lots of time and attention from you. Like babies, they require constant attention at an early age. You have to housetrain them and clean up after them. Most adult dogs have already had this care. They are housetrained and know not to get into off-limit things. If they have been trained, then they are accustomed to having a human leader and will not fight with you for leadership.

If you are adopting an adult dog from a shelter, then these things can still apply. Keep in mind, however, that many dogs end up in shelters because their owners were unable to take care of them. Some owners do not anticipate the high energy levels or the behaviors that can result from an untrained dog. Wherever you get your pooch, make sure that you talk to someone about behaviors and temperaments that the dog already exhibits.

Adult dogs can be just as much fun as puppies. In most cases, they require less training and child-like care. If you know where the dog is coming from, then you have an advantage of getting your questions answered. If the pooch is coming from a shelter, then it may be tougher to get answers, but the shelter employees will help you has much as they can. Many adult dogs end up in shelters because the owners cannot take care of them, not because they are bad dogs. No matter where you get your pooch, he will be a great addition to your home!

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