No technology in the world can compete with the human brain. Our brain has the ability to pick and process the information in the printed matter in a matter of seconds. However, just as a knife needs sharpening to cut with perfection, your brain needs to sharpen its skills too, in order to carry out speed-reading.

With the help of speed-reading, you can read and understand faster. The more you retain the information with regular practice, the more knowledgeable you become. And knowledgeable and skilled people are in demand!

Here are 7 speed-reading tips to hone your skills. Start practising today!

7 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Speed Reading Skills:

1. Relax yourself before starting to read. A stressed mind can never retain information.

2. Read a book that has more concrete stuff and less flowery language. The latter contains redundant words and slows your speed of gathering information. A book with rich content is a speed-reader’s delight!

3. A smart reader always reads the content of the book before beginning to read the chapters. The content itself will tell you what portion of the book is useful for you and what to avoid. You can save a lot of time by doing this.

4. Generally, about 60 per cent of the printed matter contains words that merely structure the sentence. You have to focus on the key words while speed-reading. Once your eyes fall on them, your brain will at once process the meaning and the theme of the matter.

5. Be patient and determined. Set goals everyday. Once you reach speed of 250 words per minute, aim for 300 next time. Keep on increasing. There is no limit to speed-reading. The only condition is that you should understand the matter you are reading. If this purpose fails, then your speed-reading is not what it actually should be.

6. Increase your vocabulary. If you don’t know the meaning of the words, how can you expect to develop speed-reading skills? You will have to rush to get your dictionary every time you see a ’strange’ word.

7. Practice, practice, and practice. This is the key to developing speed-reading skills. And you are not just training your brain to read and process information faster, but are also training your eyes to move faster.

There are people who can read an entire page in a minute! Speed-reading is a matter of practice, patience, and determination. So… get set, and go!

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