Top direct sales companies offer some of the most robust compensation to their direct sales reps. What Does it really take to earn a six figure or multiple six figure income from the comfort of your own home office? How is it done, and are you a person that can do it?

First off earning six figure or CEO level income in direct sales, as you have seen it advertised, is possible, for the right individual. Earning a six figure income fast from home while building a residual walk away income in the next few years is made possible by a direct sales business model or system designed intentionally to do just that. I know, you have heard all about the "systems", a system in the direct sales/ Network marketing industry will do the following things:

It will generate leads.

People like you. People who have reached a point where they accept traditional options will not give them what they want. People who want real wealth. Time and Money Freedom.

It will present the business.

It will present an appealing informative inside view of the business to you. It will explain the compensation plan, products, and the marketing system.

It will answer questions and Clarify information.

People take in information differently. A good system will provide it in different mediums. Video, audio, and visual. Using the internet, telephone and sometimes in person.

It will ensure that someone has a vested interest in your success.

This is usually done by a component in the compensation plan. There should be someone who is personally responsible for your training, and ongoing coaching. They are compensated for it. In the corporate world they are fired if they don't do their job. In the direct sales/ network marketing world they fail.

What is important is that a person gets to the point where they understand an agree that success is up to them. People who are driven, consistent and persistent will usually have the best success with a direct sales business model provided they can work with others.

Remember the direct sales person who assisted you in getting started and helped you through questions and difficulties? You need to be good at that and willing to continually get better if you want to realise that residual walk away element that you will find in a good direct sales business model.

Here are more Direct Sales Success Ideas to think about before choosing In.

Are you Coachable? Can you follow a system that is proven to work, is predictable, and duplicatible. If what your doing is based on your specialized talents and personality other will struggle to have the same success. If they fail, you fail. Follow the system. By the way these systems you hear talked about, they are usually not automated, regardless of what you hear, a system is a way of doing things that produces a predictable result.

Do you truly want wealth and freedom for yourself? Have you mastered your self with regards to money? Earning 250k a year can be a big problem if you lack financial maturity. Another point is, earning that kind of money is not easy. When you think about it, if you work hard anyway why not get paid what its worth? Many peopl are unwilling to do the focused action and thinking that comes with the work of becoming financially independent.

Are You Committed?

You need to stay connected to others who are going after the same goals. You need to persist, and stay focused and on track. A desire, a strong desire is required to do this. It need not be a financial desire, it could be the desire for options or to be at home or whatever. It does need to be compelling though.

Do you understand the power of personal development and the power that you possess?

Schooling and society dilutes personal power. Corporations and past experience can take away your awareness of the power you possess as a walking, thinking, being who has desires and seeks fulfillment. You will meet a variety of people who are unaware of this power and may look to you to remind them of who they are. Direct sales companies tend to support the idea of personal empowerment as they understand it has a positive effect on their bottom line.

People who have success as a direct sales rep:

Are coachable and trainable.
Have a strong desire for true wealth.
Have/can develop a passion for helping others.
Can be led and can lead.
Can grow through personal development.
Can stay focused.
Are ready to receive true wealth.
Stay connected to others who can help them.
They also have integrity and are honest.
Are willing to persist until the "get" it.
Have accepted they will not achieve,attain, or experience the life they truly desire through a traditional method.
They are proud of who they are and have a burning desire to connect with others who are looking for the same opportunity.
More about the Direct Sales Business Model.

Just as an aside a direct sales business model works something like this, although they will vary. There is a corporate direct sales company who has developed a line of products. They take care of shipping, order fulfilment, product development and customer service.

The company, instead of hiring an in house sales force and sales manager, and building a large corporate office, allow you to sell their product at a wholesale cost and keep the profit or commission. Some companies will allow you, the direct sales rep, to paid directly from the company at the point of sale. Hows that for financial control. Maybe that is where the direct part of direct sales comes from.

The top direct sales companies will usually provide a code of conduct or marketing compliance guide so that they are protected and their products value and reputation in the market place is insured.

Many direct sales business models will also incorporate some network marketing concepts that can make the earning potential much greater, especially if you are able to cultivate leadership in others. It could be compared to affiliate programs that move so much of the products online to day.

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