In light of the recent freak weather the UK has been experiencing, home insurance has proved to be a vital bit of cover for all individuals whether you rent, own or let your property. With thousands left desperately out of pocket as they have watched the weather elements ravish their home and its contents it has proved to be a heart wrenching experience especially for those without the essential cover that is home insurance.

Direct Line home insurance however, proved to be a blessed asset for those that had the insight to protect their home and the precious valuables within.

‘Direct Line’ has consistently been amongst the leading home insurance providers in the UK for the last few years. They have recognised the individual needs of their customers as well as the blanket cover that has proved beneficial for all. Under their umbrella of ‘home insurance’ they provide both contents cover and buildings insurance which can be purchased together, offering the customer further savings or separately for those requiring only the one, i.e. a landlord may require buildings cover but not contents, similarly a tenant would only require contents insurance and not the building element of home insurance.

That said both the separatists and the combiners saw the benefit of having suitable cover in light of the random weather occurrences, from the giant hailstones to the wind storms and dam-breaking rain storms! Without the £1 million structural cover that Direct Line offers as standard those that saw their garden furniture turn into shrapnel as it ricocheted off their windows, chipping away at their toughened double glazing as well as their garden gates and brickwork.

In addition to the benefit of the massive structural cover, Direct Line also offers a ‘new for old’ policy on the majority of your contents, so rather than stressing over the problem of locating all your broken and distressed belongings and waiting for them to be fixed, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing in the event of disaster, natural or not all you have to do is collate a list of all your belongings; damaged and broken for your insurance provider and follow their claims instructions.

In addition to the above benefits, Direct Line will also provide an impressive £1000 worth of cover for the contents of your garden unless you have specified for certain products to have a larger amount allocated in the event of their demise. Similarly when it comes to your contents insurance you can allocate larger amounts to specific items such as jewellery and electronics which may need additional cover such as electronic wheelchairs which can cost the same amount as a small car! Such an example proves how vital it is to ensure you have suitable cover for your needs and are not tempted to simply accept the blanket cover offered assuming it will be sufficient.

Reading the small exclusions and the small print can be more important than the words in bold or italics for it is in amongst the exclusions that you are made aware that while your carpets are covered your clothing may not be. This is the case for Direct Line for they are one of the insurance providers that refrain from offering cover to one’s clothing as well as opting out of covering fences, gate and hedges that have been subject to storm or flood damage. While home insurance offers a wealth of security when it comes to the bricks and mortar of one’s home as well as the majority of the precious contents, the disappointment at discovering your most essential items are not in fact covered by your provider is a painful reality too many are being forced to face up to!

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