“I have been doing great during the recent slump,” a Michigan-based developer named Jonathan told me recently. “I buy, renovate and resell one and two-family residential houses in inner cities. Other developers ignore these properties and prefer to work in more upscale locales. But there are many solid families in inner cities that are eager to own their first homes and live the American dream.”

That’s the kind of niche-oriented thinking that can keep real estate profits strong in slow markets. Smart investors are making profits in other niches properties like these:

  • Rental properties near colleges and universities that attract students and faculty members. Also consider renovating apartment houses near hospitals for interns, physicians and other hospital employees. Even in tough neighborhoods, they represent pockets of value.
  • Short term-stay apartments and suites near corporations, hospices, hospitals and anywhere else people short-term residences. For a glimpse at the profits to be made in this sector, visit CorporateHousing.com online.
  • Self-storage depots in areas where new housing developments are cropping up. Storage facilities offer a great way to generate profits from raw land that you will sell or develop later on. A recent article in Slate presented an interesting perspective on the growth of self-storage facilities in America.
  • Shopping centers in transitional areas. This is a fine time to renovate run-down malls in areas that are improving - or to build new malls near new housing developments. For more information, visit The International Council of Shopping Centers online.

That’s not a comprehensive list of opportunities. This morning, I am really inviting you to look for values that other investors miss. Remember, a quick mind can overcome a slow market any time.

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