A woman lay in the emergency room after being taken in unconscious from a sudden pain in her shoulder and upper chest. Her transport from the small rural community took 20 minutes and the time seemed too great for the aneurysm that burst on her aorta. The doctors watched the monitor for a sign of life. The heart monitor registered a flatline heart pattern and they covered her body as they pronounced her dead. For some reason, no one disconnected the heart monitor but they left her lay as went to tell the family that she passed.

Within ten minutes after the ambulance took her, a dear family friend heard of the emergency and ran home to telephone friends in her church prayer group. By the time they began, another 15 minutes elapsed. At the time the prayer started, the family physician, on duty at the hospital, walked past the body and saw a blip on the heart monitor screen. He called for nurses and doctors and ultimately the woman lived. The aneurysm burst and bled into the heart sack slowing the heart’s rhythm to a deadly slow rate. What caused the physician to be there, at her bedside at that instant? Was the prayer group responsible for the one last beat of her dying heart? No one knows for sure but her family believes this miracle of body and circumstance came from the prayer.

Prayer, an age old method of healing has been studied for years. Most of the study’s are too personal and anecdotal to be of any use. Just like the woman in the emergency room, too many times coincidence, the possibility of spontaneous healing or the power of suggestion could explain the healing phenomena. One study, however, followed remote healing of strangers. The people that received the prayer had no idea that they were involved and those sending their prayers did not know those patients. A second almost identical group of patients were used as a control group and received no prayer. There was a significant difference in the recovery time of those that received prayer and more in the group prayed for had a complete recovery with no complications.

Prayer is not the only technique that uses the human essence to transfer wellness. Other methods include reiki, quantum touch, qigong, aura cleansing and the age old laying on of hands. All of these techniques use the transfer of energy or unblock the energy of the body. While those involved in religion attribute the healing from prayer to God, labeling the phenomena to the life force of those praying does not detract from that belief but simply studies the mechanics.

Quantum touch is a modern laying-on of hands, the use of one person’s chi to start the flow of another’s. Because of the use stimulation to the life force, it resembles the healing of yogis and qigong practitioners. It uses the energy of the healer amplified with breathing exercises to create energy fields around the individual and unblock the life force by synchronizing it with theirs.

Reiki also uses intervention techniques to unblock the life force of the recipient. The difference in reiki is that instead of the healer inputting energy, the individual receiving the healing draws the energy from the healer and participates in the process.

Aura cleansing is the first step in aura healing. It doesn’t need the touch of the healer but may take place in salt water, in the sun or with the aid of a healer to remove the debris from the aura after the patient is grounded. The healers often use stones of various colors to unblock charkas and improve the flow of energy to major chakra areas.

There is still limited study on the benefits of any of the techniques, but the fact that they all use a form of energy transference and come from many different areas of the globe, speaks volumes about the potential man has to perform miracles with the energy they have inside.

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