Diet delivery is one of the fastest growing trends in the dieting industry today. Diet food delivery services prepare meals for you according to your preferences and then deliver them to your door.

You then have handy gourmet diet meals at your fingertips - no shopping, no preparing, no portion counting. You just heat and eat.

Many people find it's much easier to lose weight this way versus going on a traditional diet. And studies are proving this:

In a recent study done by Brown University, people trying to lose weight by eating prepared meals lost an average of 31% more weight than those who made their own meals.

So is diet delivery the right choice for you? Here are 3 signs that a diet food delivery service may help you lose weight faster and easier than a traditional diet:

1) You've Had Trouble Losing Weight in the Past With Traditional Diets

Many people would love to lose weight with a diet like the Zone or Atkins but they just can't seem to do it. Lack of time, too much trouble buying and preparing the food - whatever the reason, it can simply be too much work - especially for those with crazy schedules.

Plus some diets can be extremely complex (10 years ago, who had ever heard of the glycemic index?). So preparing the proper food or even planning your meals can take time and effort that you would rather spend elsewhere.

If you've found that you've had trouble losing weight in the past with a traditional do-it-yourself diet, then weight loss meal delivery might be perfect for you.

Everything's done for you. The meals are often dietitian approved and chef-prepared so they taste amazing. All you do is heat for and eat.

2) You're Always On The Go & Don't Have Time To Watch What You Eat

If you're the kind of person who doesn't have time to take a break much less prepare a meal, diet meal delivery is a convenient option. It saves you time and helps you stay slim, healthy and on top of your game.

Life is hectic and getting busier. While we may get a lot done when we're always on the go, the downside is we tend to grab what's most available: fast food and junk. This kind of food piles on the pounds, damages our health and can actually slow you down, making you feel heavy and depressed.

Diet delivery can be a convenient way to lose weight, eat healthy and save time into the bargain (Why do you think most of the tv and movie stars use these services?). You can maintain your on-the-go lifestyle while keeping the kind of body (and health) that you want.

3) You Often Break Your Diet Because You Feel Deprived

Deprivation is the diet-killer. There's nothing worse than being on a diet when your significant other dives into a hot fudge sundae right in front of you. That sense of deprivation hits you and the next thing you know - you're face down in a tub of Ben and Jerry's.

The worst thing about dieting is feeling that nagging sense of deprivation. Cardboard-tasting food will only cut it for so long, even for the most disciplined person.

If you often break your diet because you feel deprived - diet food delivery may help.

For around $20 a day (sometimes less), you can get chef-prepared gourmet meals delivered to your door. This kind of luxury service is guaranteed to make you feel pampered and stave off those nasty feelings of deprivation. The food is often delicious and it can actually speed you towards your goal.

If you fall into 1 or even all 3 of the above categories, diet food delivery might help you lose weight faster and easier than a traditional diet.

Why else does diet delivery work well for so many people? Here are some quick facts:

1) Everything is done for you: You don't have to count calories, carbs, fat grams, portion sizes - nothing.

With all the work done by dietitians and weight loss experts, you can rest assured that you WILL lose weight. In fact most diet delivery clients lose 2-4 pounds a week.

2) Meals are delicious and varied: Many times people give up on their diets because they food is so repetitive and boring.

Most weight loss meal delivery services change their menus frequently or even allow you to select from a variety of options. So you don't get bored while you lose the weight.

3) Delivered meals give you a proper sense of portion size: One of the great things about a diet delivery service is that it re-teaches you the correct amount of food you need to lose weight.

With fast food and restaurant portion sizes out of control, it's hard to know how much to eat anymore.

Diet delivery services can get you back on track and teach you about proper portion size so even when you're eating on your own you can maintain your weight loss.

Bottom Line?

Weight loss meal delivery can make losing weight easier for you. It can save you time, energy and even money.

It may not be for everyone (there are people out there that love cooking and also have the time for it!). However if you've struggled to lose weight with traditional diets, diet delivery may be a new way to finally lose that weight for good!

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