Let's talk about vacations. We love to take them and look forward to them with anticipation. We put forth a lot of effort in planning a vacation. Some people make lists and in general we plan:

Plan when to take vacation.
How to get there.
Making reservations for hotels, air travel, car rentals, etc.
Where we are going to stay.
Plan things to do and see.
What to pack.
Make arrangements to have our pets cared for.
Have someone look after our place while we are gone.
Plus, much more planning.

After putting our heart and soul into all this planning for our vacation, that day finally arrives. We're so excited and ready to have some well-deserved fun, recreation, and relaxation.

Well, let's get to the purpose of this article and that is to get you to put forth the same intense effort you put into planning a vacation that you should do also for your dating life.

If you just sit around with your thumb up your ass and make no effort to pursue, approach, and date all those hot & sexy single honies that you desire, guess what happens? Not much. No action or planning to improve your love life results in a lot of lonely nights.

If you will just put forth the same effort you put into planning your vacations when it comes to succeeding with single women, I guarantee you that you will see a dramatic improvement in your love and sex life. Just like in planning a vacation, you must figure out:

Where to go to meet single women.
How you are going to approach women.
What you're going to say when you first meet a woman.
What techniques to use to seduce single women.
When you get a woman to your place, what kind of game plan you are going to pursue to seduce her.
Where to take a date to make a good impression on her.

I could go on and on. There's so much to plan for in succeeding with women. Don't just leave it to chance and do nothing, thinking that some gorgeous babe is just going to drop out of the sky. Map out a game plan to get all those hot & sexy single women you've been dreaming about. The more effort you put into the plan, the more fruit you will bear. And that fruit is going to taste so good (if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do).

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