Are You a "Sports Potato?"

This week I want to talk about guys who are "Sports Potatoes." I know you're thinking, "What in the hell is a Sports Potato?"

Let me explain. I'm sure that you have heard of a "Couch Potato," which is a person that spends most of his time
sitting on the couch watching TV. Well, a "Sports Potato" is a guy who spends all of his time watching sports on TV. He literally spends his whole weekend watching sports on TV.

So what does this have to do with succeeding with women? A
whole lot and I'll explain why:

Let's face it guys, most single women are not obsessed with sports and they don't spend their weekends on the couch
watching sports on TV.

When you first start dating she might not mind or rather I
should say, put up with you wanting to spend all your time watching sports. But, eventually and sooner than you think, she's going to get pissed at you wanting to spend all your time watching sports instead of spending quality time with her.

This conflict of interest could even cause her to dump you and find someone else who can fulfill her needs that you are neglecting.

So, what's the solution if you refuse to change your habits? Try to find a woman who is just as obsessed with sports as you are? (Good luck on this one).

Or, the smart thing to do is to cut back on watching sports
and spend more time taking her places and spending quality time with her. I'm not suggesting that you give up your interest in sports. Just balance your time to include her. That's all.

There's another drawback for men when they are watching sports on TV that turns women off. Men don't want to be bothered when they are watching sports and if a woman tries to talk to them, they don't listen very well or not at all. And this upsets women when you ignore them and don't listen to them.

What would be ideal is to be dating a woman who is
understanding and accepts the fact that some men are obsessed with sports. After all it's no different in women being obsessed with watching soap operas. If you try to talk to them while they are trying to watch their soap opera, they won't be listening to you while you're trying to talk to them and they really don't want to be bothered.

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