A-Makes you "Active" in your pursuit of women. You never pass up an opportunity to meet a new woman that interests you.

B-Expects you to be "Brave" and have the balls to approach women that you are interested in.

C-Wants you to be "Committed" to seducing as many women as you can.

D-Wants you to be "Determined" to meet and date any woman you desire.

E-Is for "Effort" in doing something about your love life and not sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

F-Expects you to have "Faith" in your abilities to meet and date any woman you desire.

G-Advises you to be "Gentle" with women. Don't treat them rough like one of the guys.

H-Makes you "Honest" with women. You don't lead them on with a bunch of lies.

I-Makes you strive to be "Intelligent." Women are turned on by men who are highly intelligent.

J-Teaches you to not "Judge" women on the basis of a first date. Date them a few times to get to know them and not prejudge them on the basis of your first date. It takes time to get to know someone.

K-Tells you to improve your "Knowledge" on how to succeed with women by using our products and free dating tips.

L-Tells you to "Love" yourself. You must love yourself before you can love others.

M-Advises you to be "Merry" when on a date. Women like a man who is fun to be with.

N-Tells you to keep your house or apartment "Neat." Nothing
turns a woman off more than a messy place. It gives the
impression that you are a slob.

O-Wants you to strive to give every woman you make love to an "Orgasm." Be the best you can be in the bedroom.

P-Teaches you be "Punctual" when showing up for a date. If you are late this is very disrespectful to your date.

Q-Tells you to be "Quick" to recognize opportunities to meet women.

R-Teaches you to "Regularly" go out and pursue women. You
certainly can't meet women by just staying at home.

S-Says to practice "Safe Sex" in these days and times. It's
better to be safe than sorry.

T-Advises you to "Try" and meet as many single women as
possible. The more you try it increases your chances of meeting someone special.

U-Be "Understanding" with women. Listen to their problems and be sympathetic. Don't always offer solutions. All she wants to do is air out her problem to get it off her chest. She just needs someone to listen, so lend her your ear and undivided attention.

V-Forces you to be "Vigorous" in succeeding with women. You must never give up!

W-Advises you to be "Well behaved" when out on a date.

X-Tells you to not use "X-rated" language when around women.

Y- Tell you to not talk too much about "Yourself." You don't want to come across as conceited and all you can think about is yourself. Focus on her and her interests. People love to talk about themselves.

Z-Tells you to be "Zany" when on a date. Women like a guy who can make them laugh.

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