This article is based upon advice for your first date with
single women. Here's a first date scenario that I will be
covering. It goes like this:

Your first date is going very well. There seems to be a lot of physical chemistry between you.

You even exchange some passionate kisses during your date.

So, in the back of your mind now you are thinking, "Wow, I'm going to get some love tonight for sure!" In other words your brain is now between your legs.

So, the date has come to an end and you are heading back to her place. When you get there or just before, you pop the question, "Can I spend the night?" You have assumed because of all the intimacy that you had on the date, that she wants to make love to you.

Let me tell you that you have made a serious mistake in asking her to spend the night after only being with her for a few hours on a first date. Most women are going to be offended by you asking her this question so soon. Let the women call the shots for sleep overs. If she wants you to spend the night, she will let you know. You don't have to ask.

Why would she be offended by you asking to spend the night? Here are her reasons:

1. You are showing lack of respect for her.
2. She's thinking, "Does he do this with all the women he
3. He just wants to use me for sex.
4. He will think I'm an easy lay if I agree to this.
5. He will think I'm a whore if I let him spend the night on our first date.
6. It will make her wonder if she will just be a one-night-

In closing, I really recommend that you don't ask this question on a first date. Just let her decide on her own terms if you will be spending the night. And there will be times when you both know that you will be spending the night together with no questions asked. You just start making out when you get to her place and one thing leads to another and you end up staying the night.

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