To succeed with women you must have a plan. You just can't
leave things to chance and hope some gorgeous babe is going to drop out of the sky and jump your bones. You've got to come up with strategies to meet and approach single women. You can try all kinds of plans.

Dating services, meeting women through friends or at work,
personal ads, going to nightclubs, concerts, volunteer work, church, chat rooms, etc., just to mention a few plans for meeting new women.

Find the plan that works for you. If your first plan fails, try another plan. If that plan fails, try another and so on and so on.

Keep trying until you find a plan that works.

Right here is where a lot of guys fail to succeed with women - because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans in the place of those that fail. Some guys just give up and say to themselves, "What's the use, I'm just a total failure when it comes to meeting women."

There's nothing wrong with temporary failure in meeting the
women you desire. This is just a learning lesson in teaching you that what you're doing is not working.

And you must never get down on yourself when things are not
working out in your dating life. No guy is ever defeated in the dating game unless he quits in his own mind. Never, never give up in your pursuit of love and romance with all those hot & sexy honeys that you desire!

We all go through a lot of trials and tribulations before we find someone special to love. Love doesn't come easy and sometimes it doesn't come at all, as the old saying goes. We must be patient and turn our defeats into victories in the game of love.

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