Listen up guys, I just can't stress to you enough how important it is to keep your car clean.

Single women will judge you on how well your car looks on the inside and out. If your car is messy, dirty, and smells bad, it's going to make a bad impression on women. And...guess what happens when you make a bad impression? She will be less likely to be attracted to you and when this happens, my friend, it can severely decrease your chance to score with her.

For you guys that use your car for your occupation, I know
you're going to have files, papers, brochures, sales aids, etc. scattered throughout your car. The best thing to do to correct this messy problem is to go out and buy some plastic baskets, containers, and organizers and organize all your things neatly and if possible carry them in your trunk, out of site.

There's another negative aspect of having a messy car. This is going to send a message to women that you are a slob and a disorganized person. Plus, she may think that you don't even think that she's important enough to you to make a good impression on her. And trust me, this makes her not want to date you again.

Be sure and follow these guidelines for a car that makes a
favorable impression on single women before picking her up for a date:

1. Wash your car or run it through a car wash.
2. Vacuum the inside and wipe the dashboard and all exposed
3. Spray your car with air-freshener (this is really critical if you smoke).
4. Always keep a fresh air-freshener hanging in your car (you can buy them at auto parts stores).
5. Be sure and empty your ash tray.
6. Have a wide variety of tapes or CD's to play (be sure and ask her what she'd like to hear).
7. Make sure your car is in good running condition. Nothing is more embarrassing than your car breaking down while on a date.
8. Make sure your glove compartment is clean, neat, and
organized and be sure and not store your condoms here.
9. Remove the big fuzzy dice hanging from your rear view mirror (this is really tacky).
10. Keep a hairbrush and comb in your glove compartment to comb your hair before picking her up at the door or meeting her somewhere. You want to look your best and not show up with your hair all out of place.

Ok, guys, now promise me you will now go out to your car and look it over to see what you need to improve it to attract single women and make a good impression on them.

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