When you open your appointment book does it look like your bank account? Empty! Can you sit in your office for hours on end with no interruptions in the form of phone calls from potential prospects and suspects dropping in? Feeling as lonely as the Maytag repairman?

Well, at least you know what the problem is. You don’t have enough prospects or you aren’t able to secure an appointment with the prospects you do have. Either way there’s one simple reason this is true. You don’t know how to market yourself.

Yeah, I know you’ve cold called until your ear feels hot and you have a crook in your neck. You’ve mailed countless letters to more people who also don’t want to talk to you. You’ve tried inviting people to seminars, and no one showed up, or they only showed up to get a free meal at your expense. Looks pretty hopeless, huh, Eeyore?

Stop the pity party and start filling both your appointment calendar and your bank account. You just need to switch chairs for a while. The attempts you’ve made at marketing to produce sales leads have been slightly out of focus. Hello, Mr. Prospect doesn’t care about you, your products, or your business.

Start singing a song written just for the prospect, and they’ll chime right in to join the chorus. If you were sitting in their chair what would you be thinking? What would you be looking for? How could you turn things around and produce an entirely different result than the one they expect? The secret to your success, the secret to ending your loneliness lies in changing your focus from what you want to what the prospect wants, and then playing that song on their radio station.

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