Claude Introduction: I don't know about you, but I am really sick and tired of hearing the same old garbage about "How to achieve Success and financial freedom". If writing your goals down, repeating your positive affirmations, having a positive attitude when you had a lousy day is the Path to Wealth then why is Success so hard for so many? After wasting enormous resources on the conventional, I have compiled a few ideas for you to ponder that have worked for me and will work for you. You may agree or disagree, but I can tell you these ideas will get you to the bank and have the Success you deserve.

1. If Working Hard is the Path to Success why isn't my nice Garbage Man a Millionaire? (Believe it or not, he actually puts the lids back on!) Millionaires realize that a good hard work ethic alone won't get them to their bank. You have to think SMART. Millionaires always do a self analysis and ask themselves if what they are doing is getting them to their financial objectives (The Bank). We hate busy work that is unproductive and unprofitable.

2. Passion is more than making out at the drive-in! Millionaires know that they can only be successful at something that is interesting, enjoyable, yes even fun. They have to believe in their product or service; that it creates a value to others, fulfills a want or need. They have to believe in what they are working for with an unbridled enthusiasm. When you ask a millionaire about what they do for a living they begin to glow. My first business success was in real estate. I still love it. If you can't wake up in the morning and get excited about what you do, then do something different really fast! (See #5 Burn Some Bridges.)

3. Your !@#$%* doesn't STINK rule! OK-OK relax! This is just my way of telling you that self esteem is really important. You believe that you are a winner and your Success is not dependent on anyone or anything except yourself. You have a high value of yourself without giving an appearance of arrogance to others.

4. Seminars, Boot camps and Gimmicks Don't Work! Millionaires don't believe that quickie weekend seminars, boot camps, spending money to walk on hot coals or bungie jumping off a bridge will make them money, create positive change or increase self esteem. Learning has to be practical, long term and continual to obtain the positive results desired. There are no quick fixes.

5. Burn Some Bridges-NO GUTS-NO GLORY-NO SUCCESS Sometimes you have to burn some of your bridges in order to move forward. I can remember when I quit a cushy Corporate job in order to start a full-time new business venture. More than a few people told me I was nuts to leave the company. I discovered that I could make more money, have financial freedom and security and the freedom I desired. Millionaires are willing to take reasonable risks and have the guts to go against conventional thinking. They know that if their idea is original and creates value it will work. In many cases people will ridicule an original thinker but if the idea, product or service takes off, believe me they will copy it later.

6. Diplomas Make Great Wallpaper (but will not make you rich!) When I was a kid growing up in NYC all I ever heard was how you had to get good grades to get into college in order to become successful. The truth be known, I am the kid who got C's in high school. (I was bored to tears most of the time). I even had some teachers who said I would never get into college if I didn't apply myself. (Fooled them!) When I graduated I was hired by a Fortune 500 Company to sell their hot dogs in the South Bronx war zone (not fun). When I was up for a salary review after doubling sales in my territory I received a ridiculous $10.00 a month pay raise to an already dismal salary. I then came to the realization that all the time, money and energy expended to get a business college degree would never get me to my financial goals. Traditional schooling and all the higher education degrees in the world will not guarantee that you get rich. The Mind of a Millionaire understands the value of education, but a greater value is placed on specialized contemporary knowledge and on the courage to utilize and implement that knowledge.

7. School is never over for WInners! You never graduate because you never stop learning. Knowledge today is increasing with every passing hour; new technology, new ideas and inventions. The Millionaire mind is that you learn everyday; millionaires feel that they must always strive to stay on top so they read books, listen to tapes and listen to others who they know are qualified to speak. They believe in higher education, but not always institutional learning. I attended a two year college, a four year university, earned a BA in Business and then received a Doctorate in Law. Big Deal I say. The best stuff I ever learned was from my Mentor Max. A common musing in my home is "why didn't they teach this in school"?

8. Get a MENTOR before it's too late. Millionaires value time, resources and the Success of others. They are always looking for shortcuts, better and smarter ways. Talk to any self made Millionaire and ask them if they had/have Mentors in their life who contributed to their success and they will always say YES! Common sense tells the smart person that they don't have to reinvent the wheel, they can use another's wagon instead.

9. Success takes so much DISCIPLINE that your friends might start calling you YODA. The Millionaire is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and thrives on challenges. Success requires tons of discipline or control. These folks work hard consistently and they can forego immediate recreation, rewards and pleasure for future security. You've gotta pay a price for success and the cost is DISCIPLINE !

10. Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self control, Indomitable Spirit Note: I borrowed the following tenets from the wall of my kids' Tae Kwon Do dojang. (Korean self defense). Courtesy: Manners are becoming an extinct behavior. Show class and stand out. Integrity: A good character does matter regardless of what everyone else does. Do the right thing always. Perseverance: The ability to hang in there when all the losers and quitters have gone home. Self control: It's all about you making decisions bound with commitment. Indomitable Spirit: To walk with your head high with dignity, confidence, self awareness.

11. Work Really Smart! Ask yourself this every day "What did I do today to get to my goals?"

12. Be Unconventional, Politically Incorrect and Judgmental The Millionaire mind set is one which is opinionated, judgmental and often politically incorrect. They understand right from wrong. The Millionaire has the guts to take a stand on an issue, the character to apologize when wrong and the ability to persevere in the face of opposition. Millionaires are not timid or wishy washy. They have the courage to be rich, the outspokenness to say what's on their mind and the creativity of a great artist.

13. Have Fun! The guy who said "money isn't everything", never had any! Millionaires are happy because they're having a ball doing what's fun. You have to be broke at least once in your life in order to appreciate not worrying about bills, having security and just doing what I do. My desk is surrounded with Gary Larson humor, yo-yos, slinkys and juggle balls. Have fun, do what you love and the money will always follow. You don't have to find the child within if the kid was always there!

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