Now before I get into how it is possible for diabetes to be controlled and preventable, let me first talk about what a disastrous disease it is.

As of now type 2 diabetes has killed 23 million people and pre-diabetes has killed 57 million people. It also affects one in four Americans.

The saddest story of all is that this horrible disease is moving down into our children and grandchildren now. That has never before happened. Ten years or more ago that was unheard of. Now kids as young as 5 years old are being diagnosed. Not only is the disease bad enough in itself but by having it increases the risk of heart disease and a host of other diseases too. Worst of all it is estimated by 2010 diabetes will be the number one killer of overtaking heart disease and cancer.

When a person has diabetes, the pancreas can no longer control the blood sugar levels. So what causes this serious breakdown in the first place? Well weight plays a role and so does processed sugar. But tha tis not all. There is a lot more to it.

Some other outside factors that causes this breakdown is antibiotics, food preservatives and even chlorine, which reduces your ability to absorb food properly. Now when it comes to chlorine, it attacks your body on two fronts: your intestines and your pancreas.

Now here is something else to be concerned about. Diabetes affects the health of your eyes too. It could even be responsible for you going blind. But that is not the only thing that can cause that to happen.

Prescription drugs play a major role in eye health too. If you have eyelid drop, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, optic nerve damage, retina damage you can always suspect prescription drugs as the first cause of your problems.

So here you are now trying to solve your diabetes disease with prescription drugs and you create some other health problems.

It is reported that eight different drugs can cause complications with eye surgery, 25 can cause glaucoma, 15 can cause cataracts, 10 can damage your retina, and 6 can cause optic nerve damage.

While we are on this subject on prescription drugs let us talk about the one for diabetes called Avandia. It is suspected the drug may increase the risk of brittle bones and osteoporosis according to a new study conducted by researchers from the Salk Institute in LaJolla, California, and published in the journal, Nature Medicine.

Here is what we really have to be concerned about. Prescription drugs for any disease are not usually safe no matter if the FDA did approve them. But worst of all where the ingredients come from is really important too.

Here iswha t I have learned. The final drug product might be made in America, but that does no mean its ingredients are. In fact, most of the inactive ingredients do not come from the U.S.

Does not this make you wonder what kinds of rules and regulations govern these operations? Here we have the FDA supposedly protecting us and their seal of approval is usually respected by the general public and believed the drug is safe.

See if this does not shock you somewhat. A huge 80 percent of all active pharmaceutical ingredients that are used by manufacturers here in America are imported, mostly from China.

But here is something more shocking than that. According to former FDA commission David Kessler, China is as close to an unregulated environment as you can get.

However if more people would finally wake up and realize it, they should not accept drugs as a cure for any illness or disease. The natural alternative way is the only answer to resolving an unhealthy condition.

The natural way is how diabetes can be controlled and prevented. A company I am associated with, has now launched a new product that makes that possible. It is believed this product is the health breakthrough people with this disease are going to benefit from.

An eight-week clinical study has proved this product has gotten even better results than first anticipated. No drug can stand up against this product for at least two good reasons. First, there were no side effects experienced by anyone in the study and second, the cost is far less than the expense of a drug and insulin.

Do not make any mistake about it, this product is going to save thousands of lives and get victims of this disease back to a healthy condition soon and forever.

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Sonny grew up in a family that owned a local florist business that lasted for 63 years. For 29 years he was personally involved in the business.

Eventually becoming dissatisfied at the age of 44 years with it, he left to become a sales representative and spent more than 20 years in sales roles.

After retirement Sonny became heavily involved in developing an Internet business.

Four years ago, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. On the first visit with his wife to her oncologist, Sonny became involved in a discussion over possible treatments. He wanted to discuss alternative treatments instead of conventional treatments for her disease. The doctor was not receptive to his ideas at all.

His wife did eventually accept the doctor's decision but Sonny never did endorse it.

Because of this experience he left the doctor's office that day vowing to spent the rest of this life searching for alternative health methods to treat and cure all types of illnesses and diseases.

He then began sharing that information on his websites and even started writing articles on health matters to raise public awareness on the issues.

His wife's cancer is now in remission and she does accept many of his healthy recommendations. Hopefully both of them will extend their life expectancy by following daily healthier practices.

Sonny will continue to share this valuable information that he has compiled over the years, plus any other information he finds in the future, with everyone who is interested in his findings. You can find more information at his website at: