While most Americans consider Yoga as a form of exercise to increase flexibility and stamina, the yogis use it as a spiritual technique to become one with the universe. Yoga is not just a series of breathing techniques, strange body movements and mantras but takes on a deeper level for those involved in the more advanced techniques. For those that achieve the ultimate level of Yoga they develop siddhis. These siddhis are psychic powers that only a few have. They come from raising the spirit and perfecting the purity of body, mind and soul.

The abilities that encompass the siddhis are clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, telepathy, levitation, bilocation and the materialization of objects. In case you don’t recognize all the terms, let me explain just a few of them. Most people understand what clairvoyance is but don’t recognize clairaudience or clairsentience. Clairaudience is the ability to hear information in a paranormal fashion. It uses hearing instead of vision, like clairvoyance, for the transmission of the information. Clairsentience is also known as psychometry and touch is the key to receiving messages or information in a paranormal fashion. Bilocation is the ability to be two places at the same time. While many working parents feel like they might have conquered this ability, the Yogis are seen in one location meditating and another location speaking with others.

In order to develop the skills the Yogis master their bodies and take years to tap into the full force of the kundalini, the life force present in all individuals. The gradual guided awakening is important. Even though most people experience this force as some time in their life, and all have the life force, the unprepared person that taps into the kundalini with out clearing the energy channels or knowledge of the dramatic force that prevails, often finds themselves ill, confused and not prepared to take on the full force of the power.

You may wonder how someone could unlock this force accidentally. It happens when people dabble in the supernatural and the occult, have had an accident, near death experience, or even through the use of drugs. Some advanced meditators find that they begin to experience the power of the kundalini and it creates thousands of different illnesses. Even though these practitioners are advanced, it’s still best to seek the guidance of the masters when going through the awakening or release of the power.

Even though advanced, many unexpectedly release the awesome power and express a number of different symptoms that span changes in their thought, emotions, lifestyle, relationships, spirit and body. Some of the symptoms include twitches, spasms; energy rushes tingling, involuntary body movements such as jerking or shaking in the sleep, intense heat or cold. It can alter the sleeping pattern, make you tired or hyperactive, increase or diminish the sexual drive, cause dramatic changes of mood and cause problems wit the digestive system. The opening of the Kundalini also may include a racing heartbeat, headaches and pressure on the skull, and mental confusion. They may experience psychic phenomena and often feel that they are going mad, if they are unaware of the side effects. Without the knowledge of the kundalini awakening, these symptoms can send the recipient from doctor to doctor to no avail.

Luckily, those are the bad side affects and with guidance and slowly allowing the energy to emerge, the bliss and ecstasy felt is also part of the awakening. The increased sensitivity, oneness with the universe and mankind, and new creativity and forms of self expression make the advancement to the higher level worth the work.

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