A synchronicity is a lucky break or chance encounter that can positively alter our fortunes in unexpected ways. People experience small meaningful coincidences all the time, and there is evidence that many people experience them on a daily basis. Imagine the positive impact on society if we each could utilize synchronicity in a systematic way... Sky Nelson is doing just this, because he thinks a planet of empowered citizens would be an unstoppable force for human progress and abundance in the 21st century. He'll be hosting a 2-hour workshop called Expecting Synchronicity (1pm, March 22, 2009, Austin Center for Spiritual Living) on the theory he's developed, as well as performing music at the RedGorilla Music Festival and the Center for Spiritual Living in Austin, TX, the same weekend.

With an education in physics (BA Physics, UC Berkeley) and many years experience as a credentialed high-school and college physics teacher, Sky stumbled upon the fundamentals of his theory in 2007 while building his independent music business and volunteering in the last election. Attempting to balance a solid theoretical foundation for his ideas with synchronicity practice in the trenches, Sky has developed a simple theory that may truly be able to make a difference in people's perception of their own power for change.

Starting with a theoretical insight into the nature of light, Sky began to analyze the experiences of synchronicity that seemed to be increasing for him. From the South By Southwest Music Festival last year, leading later in the year to an encounter with Barack Obama (in which Sky handed his inspirational music video to the next President of the United States), the profound usefulness of synchronicity became apparent to him. "I use my new understanding of synchronicity constantly. Putting it to use, I earned a slot in the Red Gorilla Music Festival this year, won Best Song of the Year in the Sonoma County WCSA competition, and became the music director for Global Heart Center for Spiritual Living last year, a position I truly love."

His theory has grown into a workshop based upon the idea that, put into layman's terms, fate follows free will. With the final papers for publication expected in spring 2009, his writing on synchronicity has been accepted for this year's June issue of Science of Mind Magazine.

After realizing the growing numbers of people who could relate to his experience, Sky began collecting video stories of people from around the United States telling their own personal experiences of synchronicity. (www.youtube.com/skynelson)

His songwriting and performances have won multiple awards with the West Coast Songwriters Association and the Indie International Songwriting Contest. Sky's musical influences include John Lennon, John Mayer, Dr. John and George Gershwin, with a little bit of Ghandi thrown in as well.

To read more details about Sky's theory, visit www.expectingsynchronicity.com.
To hear and download Sky's music, go to www.skynelson.com or iTunes.

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Upcoming Events:

Musical Performance:
RedGorilla Music Fest
Saturday, March 21, 2009
2 PM - 2:40 PM
Vintage Lounge
504B Trinity St
Austin, TX 78701
(between East 5th and East 6th streets.) Free admission.

Musical Performance:
Austin Center for Spiritual Living
Sunday, March 22
4804 Grover Rd, Austin TX, 78756
Playing music for services. Free admission.

Expecting Synchronicity Workshop:
Austin Center for Spiritual Living
Sunday, March 22
4804 Grover Rd, Austin TX, 78756
Workshop on the theory and practice of synchronicity, from a scientific perspective. Offered by donation, raising funds for Austin CSL.