Developing Your Presence with Your Business Card
1. Make sure the print is large enough for others to read
2. Never run out of business cards
3. Invest in high quality paper and printing – no home computer junk
4. Do not write on the other persons business card in front of that person – do so afterwards
5. If in a foreign country have one side printed in the host countries language and present it facing up.
6. Know the culture you are networking – In Asian cultures, use two hands to give and receive cards, and place your counterpart’s card on the tabletop when during the business meeting. In Japan the exchange of business cards is a very formal and respectful process, taking a great deal of time (no deck dealing flinging going on)
7. Carry your cards in a nice case…not a stack with a rubber band around them.
8. Place cards on community bulletin boards
9. Include business cards in your bill paying and business correspondence
10. Give people a reason to keep your card – print something unique on it..i.e. coupon, calendar, list of services etc
11. As a business owner have cards printed for all employees. It will make them feel appreciated and they are part of your network so use them to network for you
12. Keep the information on the cards up to date

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