You can experience union with your Creator in many ways. Culture and/or Religion has traditionally dictated to us how, when, why and if we could connect to the Divine. We live in times of change, where the old standard is shifting into a NEW paradigm; we can create our own link to Creator! Here are three ways you can personalize your spirituality:

Create a symbol that represents the Sacred – let this symbol, that you can use for meditation/sacred work, form in your mind’s eye. This symbol will merge your subconscious with your higher power in a very practical way. Draw and place this symbol in your home or office, every time you look at it, you are highlighting the truth that you are divine and YOU ARE A CREATOR. You can even draw this symbol in the air when you need to bring your sacred self to the forefront for a situation.

Compose a power song to sing when you want to connect with your creator-self. Music has been used throughout human history to connect with the divine. Take a few key words, or an affirmation that you wrote yourself and incorporate them into your song, allow a hum to form that shifts your consciousness into an expanded state. Finding your power song in nature or in your sacred space at home helps to allow the process to unfold; walking does help to move you along, but you will want to sit for the next step if possible in an undisturbed location. When you have your words and your melody, keep singing it over and over again, until you really feel your ego dissolve and you experience losing yourself within all life around you. Toning vowels from your song may help to put you in that “hollow reed” state where you are in divine bliss and love. Work with your song and only use it when you allow yourself the space to experience ego-lessening – driving your car may not be the best place!

Dance, Dance and then Dance like no one is watching! As you sing or hum your power song, allow movement to overtake your body and reflect your expression of the divine. When you dance you can meditate on your Creator symbol, allowing its power, with the song and dance to merge and know that you are Creator – end your dance with holding a position that represents your symbol. Dancing to achieve a trance state is so universal it is everywhere – find a drumming or rattling CD to have playing the background is also useful. I use Zulu Drumming from South Africa in my own spiritual practice.

Creating your power symbols, songs and dances is a way to show your linear brain that direct manifestation is possible. If you can create it in your mind/heart/spirit (as above) then manifest it in physical form (so below), you are laying down the pathway to getting anything your mind/heart/spirit creates in this 3-D world. So go ahead CREATE!

In Greatest Love or Munay,
Samantha Hussey

Author's Bio: 

Samantha is a Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, confers the Munay-Ki Rites, and creates custom Medicine Bags. Her web space is located at She has studied North American Native Medicine and Ceremony, Karma Clearing Therapy, South American (Peruvian) Native Medicine and Ceremony. I am into Healing myself to become Healing the World. Blessing to all of us....We are made of Love and Light, that is your Birthright! We are Crystal transmitters, raising the earth's vibration is our mission. Walk in Beauty!