Working with body wisdom gives you understanding of changes necessary for ideal health and well being. Working with heart wisdom, gives you emotional understanding. Working with the Earth wisdom grounds you and gives you flow, and stability. Working with the universal wisdom gives you access to universal dimensions, long vision, and expansion options.

If you stay connected each step of the way, an opening will be created or exposed that you didn’t know existed. You will make gigantic moves that will blow your limited thinking clear through other dimensions. With wisdom you will access ancient knowledge that will look like you performed a magic trick. Others will be astounding by your success, persistence, drive and focus on nearly impossible goals.

You will quietly excel with precision and will be in the right place nine out of ten times. If you don’t allow yourself to become too distracted, your focus combined with the wisdom that you are accessing minute by minute will keep you clear and flowing.

You access wisdom by listening deeply to yourself. You allow yourself moments of silent contemplation. Then you trust the information that is coming back. It could sound quite outrageous sometimes, but if it feels right even if others might think it outrageous, proceed with instructions as they are given to you. Don’t undermine that wisdom by thinking this is impossible, this is crazy. By today’s standard it could very well be so radical that it sounds crazy, but allow that same wisdom to expand your consciousness. As you proceed and make progress, others around you will not think it so radical anymore. Think of all the ideas that passed before our time and at that time they were extremely radical too. Not too long ago the computer and the fax machine were unheard of. Before that, vaccines to cure diseases were unheard of. That is until the first one was made and worked as it was meant to.

Now everyone is shouting “why can’t they just make a vaccine for it.” Even if you are doing something that is not global, wisdom allows you to do something that stretches you beyond your limited capacity and comfort level. Accessing your wisdom allows you to make adjustments and change immediately at any decision, level, task, opportunity, encounter that presents itself. You can be assured of that. Trust yourself. Listen to yourself, and see the flow around you, and respond to your inner guidance, to know exactly what to do, how to engage, use your talent, how to help, to be a part of something big, or to create assistance for someone who needs it at the level that you find yourself right now, or on a global level. The task will not be so hard that will not be able to get through it. Wisdom is the great equalizer. You have it, and you have access to it. So Use it. Learn, discover, push past any limits that you have set for yourself. Remember you don’t face this alone.

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Yoga Kat--aka Katheryn Hoban is a yoga teacher and Reiki Master Teacher with twelve years experience. She teaches children's yoga ages 3-6, and Adults privately in NJ. She is the author of the book -Masters of Consciousness—A Guide Book for the Cosmic Traveler. She has created a children's affirmation CD (ages 3-6) and an affirmation CD for adults. Yoga Kat is available for speaking or writing and can be reached at or 201 970-9340 and sign up for our newsletter and
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