Huna came from the Polynesian beliefs, but it is not their religion. It is, instead, a Western interpretation from Max Freedom Long in 1936 of the belief system of the Hawaiians. The words, including Huna, were adapted by Long to aid in his explanation. The Hawaiians have no formal name for the religion they practiced. It was their way of life.

The amazing part of Huna is not the magical and psychic feats, but the fact that this ancient civilization followed so many of the beliefs held by people thousands of miles away in unrelated civilizations. Even though Long left out much of the religion and used Hawaiian words as descriptors that were not native to the belief system, the process is still basically the same. For instance, the term kahuna in Hawaiian really means a skilled professional. It was used to describe the priests and sorcerers but could translate to describe doctors and lawyers of the Western world.

The very meaning of the word kahuna helps you to understand that the ancients of Polynesia knew that special powers were not granted to a select few, but taught. Just like the skills of a physician, the sorcerers and priests of the islands learned to perform physic acts. They learned to harness the energy within to walk on fire, access the future and heal.

The belief of three selves is part of Huna. The lower self, the kino, is the body and subconscious mind. It is the physical and primitive part of man. It is much like a young child and stores all the memories and information necessary to make decisions. The memory isn’t stored in the mind, however, but at a cellular level. The lower self feels. The body is made of energy and points of light the gives it it’s shape. It communicates with the conscious self, the Unihipili for direction. The conscious self is the logical self. It is the director of the energy created by the kino. It makes sure it’s used for good. Lastly is the amuakua, the superconscious. This third self is always attached by a silver cord. It has the power of actualization, making something happen.

The belief that consciousness affects the material objects around you is part of the Huna belief system. The higher levels are attained with breathing techniques, chanting but most of all quietly focusing the energy, the mana, and working with the higher self. As recently as 20 years ago, scientists found that thought can affect the outcome of things as insignificant as the roll of dice, and it can skew expected probabilities. Just like many other ancient patterns of belief, Huna focuses on doing good to reach higher levels. It uses quiet focus, breathing and the direction of the life force.

Because it too uses the energy of the body, healing forces come with the practice of Huna. Just like masters of other practices, like yoga, kahunas correct the problem at the cellular level. Since the body is nothing more than pinpoints of light and energy, all one needs to do is focus their energy to help reorganize the physical body of another.

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