Do you often suffer or almost suffer a nervous breakdown? Are you someone who easily gets depressed? Please spare yourself the torture from this day on. You are about to learn how to prevent and eliminate stress and depression.

Get married. If you are seriously involved with someone of the opposite gender who makes you happy, ask him or her to marry you. A good marriage will make you happier, extend your life and help prevent depression. If you do not have a family and cannot find someone to marry you, consider asking a close friend to be your roommate.

Invest in a pet, even if you have a family. Pets make great friends and help make you healthier. There will be times when you find your pet to be the best family member to be around. I always feel less stressed or depressed when I bond with my smiling, appreciative Old English Sheep dog.

Make a telephone call to your friends or relatives often, especially if you live alone. Talking with someone you really like and care about will make you happier and more relaxed; furthermore, holding such a conversation can boost your immune system for the next two or three days.

Think about your good experiences. This can help prevent depression by reminding you there are times when life is good. Reminiscing is a great way to help you see hope for a better future.

Engage in physical exercise almost every day. Physical exercise literally makes you feel better; furthermore, those who are physically fit have more ease at reducing stress. If you cannot muster the motivation to exercise, ask someone to exercise with you.

Listen to music. Playing music you like will soothe you and help eliminate stress and depression.

Play an instrument, game or sport you love. If you play an instrument, game or sport you love and have success playing, you will recapture the feeling of accomplishment while seeing the purpose of your life; furthermore, playing games or sports with others is a great way to be with those who like you and prevent or eliminate depression.

Read, watch television or go see a show. Reading a good book; watching a good program or athletic game and attending a good concert, play or movie can bring you joy and take your mind off your problems.

If you ever feel depressed enough to possibly commit suicide, think about your family and friends. You will be less likely to attempt suicide or stay depressed if you realize there are people in your life who need you to continue your existence.

Stay out of trouble. If you avoid trouble, you will reduce stress and prevent depression.

Forgive others and do not dwell on the past. You will create misery and stress by holding grudges or reminding yourself of your failures.

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Do everything you have learned to destroy stress and depression!

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