Attention Deficit Disorder is a mild brain disorder that
is passed down from parent to child.

If one parent has Adult ADHD, then their child has a 50%
chance of inheriting it. If both parents have it, a child
is almost 90% likely to have attention deficit disorder.
This means there may be more than one ADHD child in a

What this means is that attention deficit disorder
hyperactive children who have trouble concentrating and
sitting still are born to hyperactive ADHD adults who have
trouble organizing their day and staying focused on tasks.

This is a real problem, because the ADHD child does best
in a very structured environment. They function best when
there is a definite routine followed hour by by

Yet they are born to parents who are unorganized and
unstructured - this is where the family problems start.
That is why most ADD ADHD specialists recommend that the
family go into counseling as a group, or that the parents
get trained in how to handle children who tend to be

If you cannot afford a therapist trained in attention
deficit disorder or if your insurance does not cover this
service, you may want to join a support group through

Here are some things ADD ADHD coaches and counselors
typically recommend. This kind of advice is the hardest
for someone with attention deficit disorder to follow,
because they prefer to "live on the edge" and find well-
organized houses "boring" and "uptight."

1. Set up a soothing, calm physical environment. Keep
the house neat. Paint rooms in soothing colors like light
blue and beige. Don't put up a lot of posters and artwork,
clocks, and other decorations. If you DO put up artwork,
buy soothing pictures of nature and landscapes, not violent
pictures with bright colors.

2. Buy simple furniture and aim for an uncluttered
look. Don't put up a lot of knickknacks or use busy
patterns for draperies and rugs. Think simple, minimal and
"less is more."

3. Organize supplies in an orderly way. The
mentality is "Everything in its place and a place for
everything." Store things like forks and spoons, pencils
and stationery, and all other household supplies in an
orderly way. Put things away after you use them. Clutter
is very distracting to the ADD ADHD mind.

4. Keep televisions, computers and other "screens"
covered or enclosed in cabinets. Otherwise they will "call"
to you to use them. The ADHD child and adult ADHD have
problems controlling the impulse to turn these machines on
when they pass them. Keep televisions, radios, CD players
and everything else that makes noise turned off and shut
away, unless you are going to sit down and use them for at
least a half-hour.

Author's Bio: 

I'm a retired airline captain for a major airline flying 757 and 767 aircraft.

I have two children. My son, now 24 years old is an Eagle Scout and a professional tennis instructor at a 5 Star Resort in California. He was teaching at a world renowned vacation area in an overseas country at the age of 19 and was the youngest in his company of over 100 tennis professionals teaching at 5 star resorts around the world., he's setting up business connections with U.S. businessmen (tennis students of his) to money sources in Dubai, U.A.E... the sources he met while teaching tennis in there at the young age of 20.

My daughter, now 23 years old, is receiving her masters degree in Bio-mechanical engineering/Implantable Devices. We all have ADD/ADHD.