The failing economy and rising unemployment are just some of the issues that have contributed to the rise in emotional depression. Depression is actually one of the fasting growing illnesses in the world. The secret though is that more and more men are being diagnosed with depression. Depression and men is a topic that is still taboo to many men. Women are still much more likely to be diagnosed with depression than men. There are many reasons for this but the fact still remains that depression and men is a topic that will become more and more common. Interestingly, society and media that has long portrait male image as emotionless may have actually contributed to this problem.

We can blame societies labels for some of these problems. In his movies actor James Dean often played the angry withdrawn male who could not express what was wrong, the public loved it, woman loved it. This image of men keeping all emotion in was actually seen as being a real man. Young men saw James Dean as strong silent and distant, today he may be diagnosed with men depression. The problem for most men will still be the their image, how to get beyond the image of what it means to be a man.

The issue of men depression is often misdiagnosed as well. Men depression is often given names like mood swings, cranky, mean or even strong silent type. A unique aspect to the problem of men depression is the view of those who treat the disease. Although doctors are awakening to the growing number of men depressed the illness is still often mislabeled. Men are more likely to be labeled angry. Men are sent to anger management classes faster than women, women are quicker to be diagnosis depressed. Anger management is something that a man is quicker to accept, this is because anger still has the connotation of being seen as macho or very masculine. Even doctors are quick to suggest an anger class to men instead of therapy for depression. The loss of control is one of the hardest symptoms of depression that men depressed have to deal with. It is often difficult for a man to admit that he cannot control his emotions.

Typical male response to a problem is to fight back but in the case of depression this is a losing battle. Depression is an inner battle that must be addressed internally. Depression can led to anger but to address the anger first is not getting to the root of the problem. The anger is the symptom of the depression in men depressed.
Studies show that spirituality is one of the best ways to deal with depression. The spiritual person can suffer from depression but is often less depressed and is more open to addressing sad feelings. The spiritual man often seeks the help faster than the non-spiritual man. To seek an answer beyond you is one of the most difficult obstacles for men.

In society men are taught to go hunt the problem, find it, then shoot it down like a real man. Spirituality takes a different approach; it is based on the need of a help higher power than the self. Spiritual help is a calling out for assistance that is not based on looking weak or strong but of seeking love. The depressed man may need to cry or admit he just does not have the answers to why he is sad. This letting go of having the answers is often the first step of the depressed mans spiritual search, which can lead to an answer.

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