Whether striving to become a New You this year or just looking to Beat the Blues and strengthen your faith, Guideposts.com is full of uplifting content featuring inspiring people and inspiring stories sure to raise everyone's spirits.

Guideposts is inviting people who are looking to take positive steps in their everyday lives to visit the New Year, New You contest page during the next two months and enter online at guideposts.com/newyoucontest for the chance to win a makeover for the body and soul. A Guideposts Dream Team of experts will work together with one grand prize winner as their inspirational allies to develop a life-changing personalized plan - for the mind, body and spirit. These experts are leaders in their fields and have had personal life-changing and inspirational experiences that led them to help and inspire others. Now they want to share that inspiration with our winner

- Theresa Rowe, Fitness Expert, wellness coach and author of Shaped by Faith, published by Guideposts, will tailor an easy-to-follow fitness plan based on the winner's lifestyle and goals.

- Rebecca Katz, Healthy Cook and author of One Bite at a Time will demonstrate easy to follow nutritious meals and healthy eating habits.

- Julie Hadden, The Biggest Loser Contestant and Inspirational Mom, will share her secrets to balancing everyday life with practical tips for weight loss, maintenance and perseverance.

- Kevin Carroll, Motivational Expert, is an author, speaker and agent for social change. Author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life's Work, Kevin will help the winner sustain their motivation for personal growth and change.

If you're in the need for a quick pick-me-up or a total attitude change, Guideposts.com is loaded with tips to Beat the Blues in 2009…just one more example of Guideposts spirit-lifting content that helps inspire and build positive feelings. Beating the Blues at guideposts.com/beattheblues is filled with great food ideas to improve energy and outlook, laugh out loud videos, places to renew the spirit, and more.

Do Good, To Feel Good…how helping others improves your outlook on life.

- 5 online videos to watch for an instant pick-me-up.

- Exercise Yourself Happy…expert tips to help boost your mood.

- Funny Films…a list of top movie star's all-time favorite comedies.

- Super Foods…6 delicious good-for-you foods that taste good, too.

- Inspiring Personal Stories…how others have overcome obstacles in their lives.

- Inspiring Travels...truly spiritually fulfilling destinations.

- Funny Business…jokes, cartoons, humor and other stuff to tickle the funny bone.

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