I’ve worked with several people who would classify themselves as depressed and by using the Law of Attraction and some other processes they’ve been able to pull themselves out of depression and are now happy, life-loving people.

Let’s have a look at how it is possible…

First of all a depressed person is someone who is stuck in rut practicing negative thoughts over and over again. They have cycles of highs and lows and are continually pulled back into this negative zone.

If we can change our dominant thoughts that we hold then we can become unstuck and will bring ourselves out of depression.

Drugs, doctors, counselling and other types of coaches can never help their patient come out of depression unless that person is willing. It usually takes the depressed person many months of living like that until they’ve finally had enough and want to change.

At first glance, depression can appear to be a terrible thing. I’ve come to realize that it is not at all. Depression can give you the clarity to determine what it is that you truly want out of life. And for that reason alone, it is a blessing. Those who are fed up of living a depressed life are willing to try new things, they are more open to spirituality and a different way of living because they realize that the “normal” way of living just doesn’t work for them.

How can one begin to bring themselves out of depression?

It’s actually quite easy, but takes a little practice and a bit of work. If you change what you think then you will ultimately come out of the depressed state. Because the depressed person is stuck in a rut, by simply practicing new thoughts, you’ll begin developing and creating new thought patterns which will be of a more positive nature.

That doesn’t mean that if you think thoughts like…
“Everyone hates me. Life sucks and I was never born here”

That you can jump in the deep end and go for thoughts like…
“I love everyone and everything. Life is beautiful, thank you for letting me be here”

It just isn’t possible. It’s too much of a jump to make. Instead, we take gradual baby steps and work our way up the emotional scale and eventually we will be in a place of love, joy and happiness.

Please see “Depression and the Law of Attraction – Part2” for the conclusion of this article.

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