The American Medical Association says that now almost half of the population has a chronic illness. When we think of chronic illness we do not necessarily think of depression and anxiety. In fact some people like I did a few years ago felt that this illness is all in the head.

My old beliefs were that depression only affects those who can not manage the challenges of life or just lacked willpower which was a misconception on my part. Through personal experience I learned that Depression is a medical illness that affects almost 3 million Canadians and that roughly 20% of the general population will suffer from Depression or Anxiety related Disorders within their lifetime.

Depression can occur at anytime but it is most common between the ages of 18 and 44 and more prevalent to females than males. It can however start in childhood or adolescence and go unnoticed because the symptoms - moodiness, irritability and risk taking behavior are seen as common teenage problems. Commonly people over the age of 55 are diagnosed with "Late-Onset Depression." It is a problem that often goes unreported as it is often mistaken for simply growing old. These feelings are often short lived and most people recover when their lives or situation improves. However, people with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) have a more severe form of depression which lasts longer.

If medical help is not sought out and it is left untreated it can seriously effect energy levels, appetite, sleep patterns and all over physical well-being. People suffering from (MDD) show symptoms that reflect a clear change from the person's usual
behavior. These symptoms are feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, sadness and negativity. It is important also to understand that depression can be triggered by a number of physical illnesses such as heart disease, thyroid disease or arthritis.
It is important to educate yourselves as much as possible about your illness, such as treatments, and medications adjusting your lifestyles to accommodate symptoms and body restrictions.

Author's Bio: 

A few years ago Sylvia decided to take a course in freelance writing, which she really enjoyed as it was the key to follow her dreams. Since completing the course, she has worked as a professional writer. a published poet and co-authored a book about living with chronic illness with Two Maximum Life Coaches; she has also created for a new online magazine for Children with Special Needs, chronic illness and learning challenges

Besides working as a freelance writer, Sylvia still finds time to volunteer as a literacy tutor for her local Learning Centre, and assists in facilitating workshops on disability awareness; these also are two other passions of hers.

Her main mission is to write books for young adults and children who have learning challenges and chronic illnesses. There is so much out there for healthy children, that to provide interesting books for children confined to home or bed is really needed.