A Definition of Time Management that might surprise you!

We have a definition of time management that is different to many others. Have you ever really asked yourself What is time management? Does it work? Can you really find more time.

What if there was No such thing as time management!

Does this mean all the courses and diary systems are no good? Not at all. They are very useful and you will learn how they fit in as you go through this site. But first there is a mind-shift you need to take.

Time is! It just is! 24 hours a day. 1400+ minutes every day.

Time management allows us to think that we manage time -- BUT time can’t be managed! The typical definition of Time Management is about applying techniques and tips – things outside of you. But there is a step you must take first.

Time Management is NOT about managing time. Today, in the 21st century, there is NEVER enough time. You cannot catch-up or get on top of everything.

The key to creating an extra hour a day is changing your mindset to SELF-MANAGEMENT!

What is self-management? Mark Victor Hansen in the book One Minute Millionaire says it is “accepting responsibility and not laying blame.”

I believe self-management is about acknowledging we are responsible for our lives. It is your choices that have created your life. Not your boss or your parents or the government or anything else. Yes, those things have an impact, but how you choose to see the circumstances, how you choose to interpret and respond determine your life.

This is scary and exciting. It can be scary to think about being totally responsible for your life – but this means that you can choose to take control and create what you want in the future.

To get control of your time you need to adopt a mindset of self-management where you accept responsibility for your life, totally. Then you can start to see new options and opportunities that will create more time.

So, when you think of time management change your mindset to Self Management.

So, our definition of time management is:

Managing yourself to get a task important to you, done in the time block that is most beneficial to you.

Note I said a task important you -- not just nay task. As I said previously today there is too much to do. Time management in the 21st century is different – it is about choosing what is important to you and choosing NOT to do other tasks.

I refer to a time block. This could be an hour a week or a year. It is about what works for you. The time line needs to benefit you, but not put so much pressure on you that it creates stress.

To have a great life in the 21st century you need 21st century time management, which is about

Managing yourself to get a task important to you, done in the time block that is most beneficial to you.

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This definition is part of a series that covers the topic of Time Management. The Official Guide to Time Management is Michael Erwin. Michael Erwin is one of Australia's leading executive coaches, specialising in the areas of return on time, emotionally intelligent leadership and work/life balance. Michael has an impressive list of clients that he has successfully helped to achieve their desired results in less time with less effort.

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