In relationships, a single person is one who is not married or in a romantic relationship.

Single people may engage in dating to find a partner or spouse. Not all single people actively seek out a relationship, however, as some are content to wait for the 'right' person to enter their lives, while others do not seek relations at all due to being asexual or disabled.

According to the United States Bureau of the Census, the fastest-growing household type since the 1980s has been the single person.

Loneliness can occur for many single people who look for but cannot find anyone they might wish to date, especially for those suffering the loss of companionship following divorce or bereavement. Some single people, however, regard and appreciate solitude as an opportunity.

There is a legal distinction between a single person and an unmarried person. Generally, an unmarried person may have been married and now be widowed or divorced.

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