Self motivation is the ability to satisfy a desire, expectation, or goal without being influenced to do so by another person. Self motivation is the key to a paradigm shift or behaviour changes amongst individuals. Many motivation courses or peak performance training mainly address this aspect but the cumulative effect is temporary and the key factor always is the presence of a constant reminder.

Self motivation is a difficult concept to grasp, though comparable to the key concepts and idealisms of many central religions and other such belief systems. Examples would be faith in Christianity, where "through God all things are possible." Taoism also expresses a similar concept through the realm of meditation and focus, where one draws energy from the universe and the world. Bushido also relies on a similar concept, focusing the warrior mind through intense meditations and practices, all of which are meant to bend the mind in such a way as to increase the warriors reaction time and skill. Each of these ideals teaches the person on how to become independent in order to better realize their tasks (though the 'through God' concept is dependent on God, it does require the individual to focus their own beliefs and energy).

As mentioned in these ways of life, self motivation is the act of calling an eternal "energy". By learning how to focus one's mind on his tasks, one can achieve much more with less strain than if one were unfocused, or distracted. A familiar term, "mind over matter", comes into play here; if the mind is in control of itself, the body will have better control over its own realm. So, in short, self motivation is finding a way of transforming the energy within into energy without, allowing for one to accomplish difficult tasks, or express ideas more thoroughly.

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