An energy healer utilizes positive motivational techniques, leading-edge emotional transformation, cognitive thought skills, success achieving strategies, and the power of self-love to create personal success. They dedicate their lives to empowering individuals with new vision and innovative healing strategies. They have the unique ability to help women and men realize their full potential mentally, physically, and spiritually by working with beliefs, cognition, emotions, mood, body, and spirit.

Here is an example of an Energy Healer, Annette Colby, the Offical Guide to Energy Healing:

Annette Colby PhD, RD takes you by the hand and teaches you how to fall in love with yourself, trust your body, experience greater joy, inner peace, AND create the life of your dreams.

A leader in her field for more than 20 years, she is on the cutting edge of personal growth. Annette has the unique ability to help people change their behavior and reach their full potential - mentally, physically, and spiritually. She is the acclaimed author of Your Highest Potential: The New Psychology of Understanding and Working with Self, and Body Redesign: Goal Setting Secrets for a Thinner, Happier You. She is also a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life: Volume 2.

Helping people let go of self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors has been, and is, her life's work. Annette's fascination with human potential has led her to become a leader in the field of personal growth and consciousness, a valued counselor and an inspiring teacher, celebrated writer, mentor and guide. She is a highly sought-after personal success expert with a unique ability to inform and inspire individuals to open their hearts, love more openly and pursue their dreams.

A nutrition expert and exercise physiologist by training, she has spent the last twenty years facilitating thousands of individuals in developing greater joy, abundance, and rich fulfillment of dreams. As a nationally known consultant, educator, and author, her contagious passion for life is shared in her private practice where she inspires people to believe in themselves and find themselves worthy of receiving their dreams. The focus of Annette’s life is creating joy, excited physical aliveness, and empowered spiritual connection.

She has written hundreds of articles appearing in her weekly internet newsletter Loving Miracles column. In addition, she has been a contributing editor to Health and Fitness Sports Magazine, Her Sports Magazine, O Magazine, and Pulse among other publications. Her books, Your Highest Potential and Body Redesign are a continuation of her life’s work on the integration of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. In each eloquent and inspirational work, she outlines the journey toward spiritual satisfaction and physical success. Thousands of people have received results through Annette's work as a expert in emotional well-being, personal success, alternative energy healing, weight loss solutions, or as a result of reading her published articles, reports or newsletters.

Special Skills
Dr. Annette Colby, RD attended The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Clinical Nutrition. She went on to attend Texas Women’s University and earned a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. In 1994 she was awarded her Doctorate (Ph.D.) from Texas Women’s University.

Annette is a Registered Dietitian Licensed in the state of Texas, a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Focusing Guide, and intuitive energy healer.

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This definition is part of a series that covers the topic of Energy Healing. The Official Guide to Energy Healing is Annette Colby.

Annette Colby, Ph.D. R.D., is an expert on personal growth and emotional well-being, and the author of Your Highest Potential and Body Redesign. She is a best-selling visionary author, noted public speaker, internationally known consultant, and positive self-leadership educator. Her contagious passion for life is shared in her writing and private practice where she takes people by the hand and teaches them how to fall in love with themselves and create the life of their dreams. For over two decades, she has been committed to showing people how to take the pain out of life, turn difficult emotions into joy, release stress, end emotional eating, and move beyond depression into an extraordinary life!

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