Seven Easy Steps to Awakening Your Divine Intuition

We are all intuitive by nature and can use our intuition to receive answers to our daily personal and professional problems. In this article, you'll learn how to awaken your divine intuition to help you with your everyday life.

Before we go any further, we must identify the factors that determine our level of intuition. We are all intuitive by nature, but, what makes some of us more intuitive than others? The answer is quite simple. Some of us are more aligned with our spiritual selves while some of us are in a state of complete spiritual chaos. Awakening your intuition requires nothing more than improving your spiritual "health" and here are seven easy steps to do just that. You'll be surprised as to how easy they are:

Communicate: Intuition is all about communicating with your inner self. So, the first step to awakening your intuition is to communicate with your inner self. Regular communication with your inner self helps you gain a clear picture of what you want in your life and where your happiness lies.
Start Positive: Pessimism creates stress. Free yourself of all the worries and your body will gradually attain a state of peaceful relaxation. The same thing happens to your mind when you think positive good thoughts. A relaxed and calm mind can easily listen to and interpret the messages sent my the inner self.
Meditation: Ever wonder why so spiritual leaders emphasize on the importance of meditation? If your heart and mind are cluttered or if there is a pain in your body, the condition will steal your attention every time you sit down to communicate with yourself. Meditation soothes your body, helps your mind relax and heals emotional wounds when done properly. Meditation also gives you the quiet time with yourself and the world around you.
Be Creative: Creative expression is the language of the soul. Let yourself get into the flow. Being creative helps you understand yourself and can help you receive messages and inspiration from your inner self. It also relaxes your body and eases tension helping you awaken your intuition.
Be patient with yourself: Life is about enjoying the beautiful things that happen every moment. So, be patient with yourself when you try to awaken your intuition. Be open to the gift and don't worry too much about not getting the right message or not getting any message at all. As long as you focus on not getting messages, you'll block out all the messages you are getting. Instead, try celebrating every tiny piece of information you get. It boosts your self confidence and helps you reach your goal faster.
Play: There are various things you could do to live a more intuitive life. The next time you drive home, try guessing what your spouse is cooking for you. Don't be afraid to play. Practice makes you perfect.
Journal: Keep a journal of daily events, feelings and dreams. The journal will show you how your feelings, intuition and dreams relate to your everyday events. Journals are also great reflection tools which help you look back and see how you responded to your intuition and how your intuition responded to your call for help.
Always remember, we are all different so don't panic if these tips don't work for you. Normally, they will because they are so simple but if you need to design a special way for yourself, go for it!

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This definition is part of a series that covers the topic of Intuition. The Official Guide to Intution is Dr. Judith Orloff. Dr. Orloff is a a board-certified psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at UCLA. Her latest book Positive Energy (Harmony Books) completes a trilogy of books around awakening intuition and subtle energy. Dr. Orloff has spoken at medical schools, hospitals, the American Psychiatric Association, Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit, and alternative and traditional health forums—venues where she presents practical intuitive tools to doctors, patients, and everyday people.

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