I have been practicing a regular meditation for over seven years and have taught meditation classes for six. One of the biggest challenges for people with a meditation practice is commitment, especially at the onset.

I have days where I just don’t want to do my practice. Some days that lethargy is strong enough that I don’t practice. But most I am able to move through the sludge and often times I end up having a great meditation. One of my teachers pointed out that it is those days that we least feel like practicing that we usually need it most. I have found that it is on these days that you are most likely to receive that awe inspiring message or high realization.

One element I have recently added to help me through the stuck days is to dedicate each practice to someone or something special. This reminds me that I am not just doing my practice for my own purposes, but for the betterment of others as well. And it gives me added incentive for my practice.

Tonight, for instance, I dedicated my practice to all the children in the world who do not live in loving homes. This touched me in a special way – as some of the energy I generate is sent their way. And just doing that opens my Heart to receive more energy and my practice is lifted, which motivates me, brings more energy to me and creates more energy for my dedication. Everybody wins!

Meditation, or any spiritual practice aligned with your highest integrity, brings so much to your life. But it also inherently gives to everybody. Because as your energy is lifted, so is everyone that your life touches. And it spreads around. If we can remember that, then even on those days we just don’t feel like “bettering ourselves” we can dedicate our practice to something near our Heart and move our way through. And be lifted.

Author's Bio: 

Bryan Bertsch is a Meditation Coach and Energy Healer. Visit his website at www.bryanbertsch.com.