In all parts of your life, you must make decisions. Little decisions, big decisions, monumental decisions. Some decisions are so natural that you may not even consider them decisions. Decisions focus your attention. Each decisions is a choice.

Decisions about Basic Needs

You make conscious choices related to basic needs. For example: Where to live. What to eat. How much to eat. Whether or not to lock a door or a drawer. When to sleep. How to spend your money.

Through the media, you have greater awareness of life-threatening and/or lifestyle-threatening events or conditions. Dramatic environmental circumstances get your attention and help you to clarify what is important to you. Likely, you slow down and re-evaluate priorities when the wind-chill factor is -60° or after an earthquake destroys a bridge on a major route or a hurricane destroys a favorite city. As your attention is drawn to basic needs, what choices do you make?

Decisions about Relationships

You constantly make decisions about and in relationships, some of which are more conscious than others. For example: To enter, stay, or leave a personal relationship. Where, when, and how much to give emotionally. How to manage yourself with respect to your boss. Who to trust with confidential information.

Every relationship you engage in has the potential to teach you deeply about yourself. You may decide to seek out a relationship because you are intrigued by the other person, yet are surprised to discover far more about your relationship with yourself. What do you want to enrich in one of your significant relationships?

Decisions about Livelihood and Lifestyle

Decisions related to livelihood and lifestyle can also be made consciously or unconsciously. For example: How to balance personal and professional time. How aligned your job is with your life mission and heart's desires. Whether you are ready to give up the drudgery, the struggle. How joy can be brought into all aspects of your life.

You have come to earth to realize your magnificence. You are not here by accident (in spite of careless parental comments). You are not here to generate money (in spite of organizational objectives and consensus beliefs). You are here to enjoy life. Whatever you conceive your mission to be, play it out in a joyous way. Is your work life in harmony with your heart's desires? If not, what needs to happen to bring the two into harmony?

Decisions about Global Issues

You have to make your own personal choices about global issues. For example: To see the planet as a living, breathing organism that needs to be nurtured or to see it in another way. How to relate to homelessness, poverty, hunger as global issues rather than isolated, personal issues.

Sometimes you may confuse a global issue with a local or individual one. You may believe that conflict in Northern Ireland or Bosnia or Colombia or Iraq is something you must get involved with simply because you know about it from the media or your decision may be to honor their decisions and stay focused at home. While we all impact each other, as an individual you still get to choose where you place your attention. Where in the world do you want to put your attention?

Decisions about and from Spirit

You make your unique decision about your relationship to the Divine, and most likely you have made and changed your decisions about Spirit many times in this lifetime. For example: In what position to place Spirit or God or a Higher Power. How much of your spiritual life to expose. How much to trust inner guidance.

Humanity is becoming more aware of Spirit. You can no longer hide who you are. It is a powerful, exciting, wondrous time. It is a time to make a choice for Spirit. You are Spirit. As you continue to gain greater mastery in the physical plane, you are able to make grander and grander decisions. It is important to let go of old paradigms of rules and decisions and decision-making processes. For example, you might want to let fear-based decisions become obsolete in your experience. How do you want to let Spirit express itself through you?

Decisions Made with High Intention

Decisions made with the intention that they serve the highest good of all concerned have a rich quality. It is a quality far different from a decision made from fear or greed or habit or peer pressure. The final decision you make is not nearly as important as the consciousness with which you make a decision.

To live in a state of empowerment, you must become more aware, more conscious in all aspects of your life. It is a time of enlightenment, of lightening up, of light. Freedom and acceptance accompany enlightenment. Empowering humor lifts us into this higher vibration. Kindness and listening and compassion are also companions in this new paradigm. What is your high intention for your life or for an important part of your life?

Your Decisions

In addition to becoming more conscious of the content of your decisions, become aware of the consciousness with which you make your decisions. As you increase your awareness of your decision-making process and the actions that follow your decisions, you can also enhance your understanding of the decision itself. What decision can you make today that allows you to feel more empowered?

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