Cleaning dog urine is perhaps the next worst task to cleaning dog poop. Dog urine may vary according to your dog’s age, medical history, gender, and health. Older dogs usually have a worse odor smelling compared to younger dog’s urine. Dog urine stains may depend on several factors and may be difficult to detect if your dog is free to roam around your house. The earliest possible chance you could clean up the mess, the easier it is for you to remove stains caused by the dog urine. Make sure to eliminate all odors even if you cannot smell it because pets can smell the faintest odor.

If they can smell urine odor, most likely they will urinate on that same spot causing more damage and inconvenience. You can use nontoxic products that are specially made for pet odors. If you prefer inexpensive cleaning aids, you may use baking soda, vinegar, and club soda. There are also organic cleaners from pet shops. There are pet urine detectors sold in pet shops in case you have a problem at locating where your dog left his mess. Dog urine detectors use a black light that gives off a distinct glow when an area with pet urine is detected. If you do not have detectors, you can also manually spot dog urine stains on the floor or carpet that has some discoloration.

The stain level of the dog urine on your things will determine the kind of treatment you should employ cleaning the stain. Remember to vacuum first in order to remove your pet’s hair on the carpet prior to applying any treatment. Non toxic products are effective in eliminating waste while neutralizing odors. They are also safer to animals. Clean thoroughly to avoid permanent damage on your carpet or upholstery. Be careful in using commercial cleaners as they may further damage your carpet. Most commercial cleaners are to be tested first on a small part of the carpet prior to applying on the stained area.

Apply a cleaner or neutralizer formulated on the pet messes. If stain remains, try another stain remover formulated for pet stains. Remember not to use ammonia since ammonia smells like urine to animals. It might be mistaken as dog urine and might urinate on that spot again. If in case cleaning results in the surrounding area looks dingy, use a steam vacuum to clean the carpet. It is quite surprising to know that window cleaners can actually help in cleaning dog urine. You just have to spray the solution on the affected area then blot the entire thing with tissue or towels.

Dog urine is one of the most inevitable messes you can have at home especially if you have not yet trained your puppy yet. That is why it is recommended that as soon as you bring in a new pet into your home, you must housebreak it as soon as possible. You have to do potty training immediately so that the dog may adapt quickly to your home. Tips on cleaning your dog’s mess will all be useless and exhausting if your dog continuous to create mess in your home. You have to train your pets in this area since sanitation in your homes is very essential to all the inhabitants of your home.

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