I was watching a sporting event the other day and I started to think about the underdog vs. the favorite mentality. It never surprises me how there is such a thing because life always comes down to your thoughts and actions, not the thoughts of the critics and spectators. The underdog in this event thought he was unstoppable, no one had convinced him he was the underdog. He believed he could beat anyone at his game because of his preparation, his work ethic, and his mind power to believe he could achieve anything that he desired. Remember, it is not what others believe you can achieve, it is what you believe you can achieve. The favorite in this event went down in a fashion that made this ultimate competitor look like he was the underdog and not the favorite. This underdog was a newcomer to this type of competition and he was going against one of the greatest that the sport had to offer, yet he made this victory look so easy. He silenced all of his critics because there were millions of people who believed that the underdog didn’t even belong on the same stage as his legendary competitor. However, this underdog showed the world that it was the legend who couldn’t compete with him because his thoughts and actions were at the top level and for as long as he put forth the same effort, it would take an unbelievable effort to challenge this champion’s will.

That brings us back to David vs. Goliath, who says you have to be David? Your Critics? If you believe you are at a disadvantage then guess what? You just made a disadvantage for yourself because you believe that you are. You are what you think so if you think that, then there is not a need for you to even show up. You have to believe in your abilities if you want to make greatness happen. I don’t care if it is the sports world or the business world, your thoughts will become your destiny. Are you going to arm yourself with an advantage or a disadvantage? Give yourself the monumental advantage of mind power. With mind power, you can stretch your abilities to achieve what others can only dream of achieving. With mind power, you are positioning yourself for success because your beliefs will be so much stronger than your competitions. With mind power you are harnessing the powerful force within you to empower you to believe you are unstoppable. This is the mentality that I am showing up with at my next competition, what about you?

This is dedicated to all the underdogs in the world who are constantly overcoming the challenges that are in front of them. It is not what the world believes you can do, it is what you believe you can do.

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