For Terry Leslie, aggravated by the numerous rejections from women and always facing the challenges of dating women effectively, went on a personal mission in search for an answer.

Men have been trying to figure out what women want for ages. Without knowing what a woman wants, how can you expect her to respond to you? You've heard the old clichés, that diamonds are a girl's best friend, or that every girl wants roses on Valentine's Day, but is it true? By following the following three pointers, you can attempt to figure out what women really want.

To start off with, women date men who listen. This seems simple enough, until you add in the fact that you need to comprehend and digest what is also said. Say a girl mentions that she enjoys sushi. To be counted as an active listener, surprise her with dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Women appreciate small details as well as large ones, so try to integrate this into your love life. This will win you major points in the listener category.

Remember to be yourself. You might think that a woman prefers someone who is all about her, but having your own interests and hobbies makes you much more interesting. If you spend all your time with her, she'll soon start believing that you have nothing else going on in your life. When you have a busy life and you make time out of it to spend with her, she'll be flattered. Every woman likes to feel that her man is exciting and fascinating, so make sure you're one of them.

Another strategy is about getting specific. Perhaps she's a librarian; that usually means that she enjoys books. Does she work at a gym? That must mean that fitness is important to her. When you start gathering facts like this, you're getting closer to finding out what is important to the woman you're interested in.

When you're out there trying to attract the woman of your dreams, remember that you have a lot to offer and sometimes, what a woman wants most is for you to head over and simply say 'hello'.

"If you can spend time learning as well as take a few simple actions recommended, you can be dating in as little as 24 hours". "In fact, I have received feedback from readers who used several of the dating techniques mentioned and had literally scored a date every night in their first week", Terry says.

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