One day my wife, being in our daughter's place, called her doggy, Dasha, for a walk. Always such a decision had been met with a great joy from Dasha. However, that afternoon Dasha’s breath was very irregular and her eyes were full of sadness. When my wife wanted to cuddle Dasha, the dog started screaming. Evidently extreme pain was present there. The next day was going to be so busy for our daughter so my wife offered to bring Dasha to our place.

When Dasha was brought to our home next morning, she was not happy as usual. Mostly, she would greeting us by dancing on her back legs. She did not allow us even to pat her neck. Dasha was breathing heavily. She could not raise her head up to greet us. Her tail is an indicator of happiness and this day it hung down. Dasha did not greet me and she did not lie down next to me, as had always occurred before. Dasha just walked around me, breathing with great difficulty. When I tried gently to touch her neck, she screamed as she had done the evening before.

It was clear that Dasha needed emergency attention. I did not have any experience praying for animals though I remembered some testimonials about animals' wonderful healings. My heart was with that lovely dog but I still was not sure how to pray for her. Then, different ideas started occupying my consciousness. I reasoned that animals are created in God's image, as man is.

Suddenly the liberating thought that "All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation" illumined my mind. From that spiritual fact, I continued reasoning that God, Mind, made animals good. So our doggy also should reflect the health, goodness and perfection in her life. Realizing this eternal truth and watching that Dasha still suffered I called to God with all my soul. I began talking to Dasha, declaring the truth about our doggy as God's creature. I said to Dasha with divine authority, "Dasha, God formed all creatures good including you, and therefore you are free from any discords!"

I've learned in the divine Science of Mind that there cannot be any inharmonious actions or mental malpractice in the perfect, all-present God where all His creation exists. So I've started fervently denying in my mind that any abnormality could have a place in Dasha's being. There could be no power to take a hold of Dasha. Those thoughts became so obvious to me because of my study of the Science of Mind, described in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures written by Mary Baker Eddy. The principles of how to pray are described also in the article The Art Of Prayer.

As Dasha was still wandering around, I steadfastly continued to utter the previously mentioned truths about Dasha's being for another 10 minutes until her breathing calmed and she sat quietly in the corner. With great joy and happiness I praised God for that first step of healing. I still was holding to the truth that all creation which God has made is good, including Dasha. So no disharmony could enter God's creation which is the Kingdom of Heaven or harmony. In a few minutes, Dasha was already lying calmly. Later, when I stood up, Dasha as usual joyfully ran up towards me, lifting up her head and letting me shake it. Her tail was up again. Being ready for her breakfast, she ran quickly to be fed.

That healing brought another harmonious outcome After walking Dasha, I found that she sometimes experienced problems with breathing. After that prayerful treatment that morning, she comes freely home after walking, without a sign of heavy breathing. I glorified God for that healing and for learning that animals, like children, are also so receptive to spiritual truth and healing.

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