Though not always apparent, we always have a choice about the direction we take in life. We choose whether we will have a positive or negative attitude. We choose with whom we will spend time. We choose what we will do to make a living. Though we may not always be happy with our choices, we always have a choice.

Years ago my father did some work for Glen W. Turner, who designed and promoted a program called “Dare to be Great!” While there was much controversy about the program and the way it was marketed, I have always remembered the title because we can always test our comfort zone and Dare to be Great!

What is the alternative? We can go down the same road we have been traveling. If this road is taking us to where we want to go, there is no reason to change. On the other hand, if we aren’t getting the results we desire, we have the power to change course. It’s easy to sit and realize what we want in life; what is difficult is to stand up and take action to achieve it!

We may ask ourselves, “What if I fail?” As we face the difficulties involved in taking on a new endeavor, a series of fears, uncertainties and doubts can impede our desire to go beyond our comfort zone. Our question should be, “How will I feel when I reflect upon my life if I don’t have the courage to attempt to achieve my dreams?”

We have all made a mistake or two as we journey through this wonderful winding road we call life. The fear we feel of making a mistake and perhaps even “sticking our foot in our mouth” tends to block our progress when we Dare to be Great. The difference between achieving “Greatness” and just existing is not a question of race, education or economic stability; rather, it is a function of our courage to pursue what we most desire, knowing the possibility of failure.

Those who achieve what they want in life are not always those who make the right decisions. Instead, they are those who make good decisions based on the information they have available knowing they can adjust their path when necessary. Dare to be Great and the world shall be yours…

It's the Bounce that Counts!

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