In the late 1960's and early 1970's Glenn W Turner founded his first company Koscot a cosmetic company. As Mr. Turner spoke his staff would take extensive notes it is from this basis the company Dare To Be Great evolved.

The theme song "Dare to Be Great" states success is a state of mind.

Mr. Turner states, "that what we have been programed to think is what we produce. The only difference between you and anybody in this world that has more out of life than you do" is the way you think.

Mr. Turner understood that a persons thoughts were, these thoughts were responsible for what that person was. In the "Dare To Be Great Seminars" people learned to control their minds and change their thought processes from negative to positive. Therefore creating a better world for themselves and their families. The entire family in Dare To Be Great attended these seminars. This same concept is alive today in Mr. Turner's "Steps To Greatness Seminars".

Christine from France writes:

Dare to be Great wasn’t a company. It was a way of life. Some people made big money, others never earned a lot, but we all loved being together, encouraging each other, thinking positive thoughts, helping each other and feeling part of something great and important. We really believed that each of us could help make the world a better place and that our attitudes counted more than anything else.

More than 35 years have passed since, and I’m still a Dare-to-be-Greater. Glenn has always been my hero, I carry the 100 $ bill with his signature in my wallet as my good luck charm ever since he gave it to me way back when. I’ve read piles of books, attended other seminars, walked on fire with Tony Robbins and know lots of other Gurus. For me, there is not one who comes close to the hare lipped sharecropper’s son from Marion SC. He knew and shared The Secret with the world 35 years ago.

If ever there is a way of working with Glenn Turner again – I’m ready. I’m 56 now, but I’d love to hear him say “let’s go – you can do it!”

Author's Bio: 

Generating over 100 million dollars in three years was the easy part for the eighth grade drop-out. Surviving the "success" was hard. The government spent over twenty years and millions of dollars trying to control him; finally, they set him up.

Now, after five years in prison, Glenn reflects on his roller-coaster life and tells at last, "The Whole Story". He introduces his new, comprehensive "Total LifePower" philosophy and offers hope to anyone emerging from adversity. Anything is possible with the power and knowledge of life!!

Approximately 1,000,000 people were distributors, salespeople and employees of Glenn W. Turner's Koscot, Dare To Be Great! and an International conglomerate of companies. Since the early 1970's, these individuals have expanded their respective circles of influence, the relative size of their families and the objectives of their business endeavors.

The vast majority of these people have positive memories and feelings regarding the time they spent with Mr. Turner, as well as a great curiosity to finally understand what happened to the "Unstoppable American". Not only do they want to know what became of Glenn W. Turner.... but also what he intends to accomplish next!

Glenn W. Turner, is a true and patriotic man, he represents one of the greatest rags-to-riches-to-ruin-to-recovery-to- "back on top" stories of our time. He is the quintessential motivational speaker in our nation today. Mr. Turner's message has been personally heard by more than 3,000,000 people!

With the Power and Knowledge Systems of Glenn Turner's unique "Steps to Greatness" Seminars, he will share with others the sum total of his life's experiences. Mr. Turner believes that the human mind learns best by example, and his people agree.

There are many books published about Mr. Turner, as well as countless movie, video, and audio materials these are still in constant demand. Over a million books have been marketed and sold directly in rallies, seminars and classes taught by Glenn W. Turner and his associates. See these seminars for yourself at .

Mr. Turner built an international business conglomerate of 78 corporations in 13 countries, Koscot, and Dare To Be Great are just two of the many corporations. For more information go to .