Don’t Ever Quit
By Chuck Danes

Each and every person on earth has within them a passion, a purpose to fulfill.

Born deep within you is an insatiable desire as well as the potential and limitless ability to fulfill the purpose for which you were sent here to fulfill. At one point in time this purpose, this passion, this thing that you so desire to accomplish was very clear to you.

So many in our world today, for a number of reasons allow this purpose to be forgotten, to become lost, to be labeled as wishful thinking and as a result, fail to ever act upon it. They have allowed the deep inner passions of their soul, the very thing that would set them free and enable them to experience a life of fulfillment and wholeness, to be snuffed out and forgotten due to a seemingly overwhelming host of external situations and circumstances.

This once known purpose that at one point in time burning within them like the August sun in Oklahoma, for so many in our world has been abandoned or reduced to a hopeless flicker due to the external pressures and false teachings of a disillusioned and uninformed world.

Unfounded and misguided beliefs and perceptions keep so many from ever attempting and achieving what they feel down deep in their hearts, continually ignoring the very thing that would enable them to experience heaven on earth.

So many fail to ever attempt fulfilling their most heartfelt dreams and desires due to flawed outside opinion and inner misguided perceptions and many more who after meeting with various challenges give up prematurely perceiving that "It must not have been meant to be." And so it is.

One thing is absolutely certain. You cannot win unless you play and you cannot fail unless and until you quit. Fall down if you must, rest for awhile if you wish, but get right back up, brush off the dust, re-chart your course and find the inner strength to go one more round.

Go within and find the strength and guidance that will allow you to take those additional steps that may very well prove to be the very steps that will lead and enable you to stumble upon and discover your pot of gold, whatever it might be.

Learn the importance of looking at each previously perceived failure as an essential and necessary process of growth designed to show and teach you that more information is needed. Develop the unshakable ability to express heartfelt gratitude for whatever may have come your way fully understanding that it is that gratitude that will enable you to discover that as a result of expressing just that, you will be provided with more of that which to be grateful for.

After every storm there is sunshine, for every ending there lies a new beginning. For every question there is an answer. For every heartache there is joy. For every sickness there is healing. After every perceived loss there is always something much greater to be gained and the hope and assurance to do better the next time abounds and is always available if you’ll only "allow" it to be so.

For every perceived setback experienced there is a much greater lesson to be learned that will allow and empower you to go that much further the next time you decide to try IF you will only remain open to "allowing" that experience to teach you the intended lesson.

Where there is anger there is also understanding

Where there is fear there is courage

Where there is hatred there is Love

Where there is failure there is victory

Where there is confusion there is clarity

Where there is illness there is health

Where there is poverty there are riches

Where there is doubt there is assurance

Where there is rejection there is acceptance

Where there is turmoil there is peace

Where there is overwhelming pain there is comfort

Where there is heartache there is joy

Where there are broken dreams there is hope

Where there is fatigue there is energy

Where there is sadness there are smiles

Where there are tears there is laughter

Where there is shame there is forgiveness

Where there is hurt there is healing

Where there is lack there is abundance

Where do each of these exist? They lie Within you. They exist only as a perception. Your perception. What you perceive to be true on the inside will manifest and be experienced on the outside. You have the choice as to what experience you will create.

You have been provided the free will to choose which of these you will experience. That which you experience in the external world is determined only by what lies within you, what you choose to think about, focus on and "allow" to manifest. As within, so without. You are the sculptor of your external reality.

For each and every "perceived" negative there is a positive, a solution which is well within your grasp and easily attainable if you'll only find that "inner place" and make the choice to "allow" it to be so.

Remain open to the intended lessons derived through your temporary "perceived" failures. Refocus and realign your efforts toward the desired end result with an assurance and renewed vigor, eliminating fear, regret, and anxious thoughts.

Develop a deep understanding as to how these day to day victories as well as challenges that you experience come into being and use the wisdom gained as well as your lessons learned through those previous experiences to carry you that much further the next time.

Don't place focus on past failures which only instill fear and regret and keep you from trying the next time, but allow them to carry you over the previously perceived hurdles which caused you to stumble and fall the first time around.

Forget about your past mistakes. Give no thought to that which made you slip and fall except to develop the awareness of the path not to take the next time. Keep your mind focused on the goal, focusing only on the end result of where you truly desire to be. Learn to recognize and remain open to the internal guidance that you receive along the way and plot your step by step plan based on it's unfailing direction, detaching from the how and when you are going to get there.

Ignore those who might otherwise steal your dream. Consistently place your focus only on that which gives you strength. Eliminate that which weakens you. Consistently take action on that which you discover will carry you one step closer to your intended outcome. And before you know it you will have reached the pinnacle, where the view is so incredibly peaceful, serene and unlike anything that you have ever previously experienced before.

Develop the understanding that in an infinitely abundant Universe there exists no such thing as failure in ANY shape or form but only sweet lessons which provide deeper understanding and greater insight allowing you to progress further the next time. Failure is an impossibility unless you choose to allow it to be so and accept it as real.

Stay focused on your desired target giving no thought or attention to that which weakens you and continue to plant, nurture and nourish the seeds that will produce your desired harvest.

The plan has been laid. The answers already exist. That which you have the ability to conceive and believe can and will be experienced in your life if you will only allow them to be. Your most sought after dreams, visions, and desires exist within you for a very specific reason and are waiting for you to recognize, accept and open yourself up to them, allowing you to attract, manifest, experience and enjoy the seemingly miraculous outcomes that happen as a result of them.

YOU ARE a magnificent and creative being, created in the image and likeness of the Source, limitless in your ability to attract WHATSOEVER YE DESIRE if you will only recognize and accept it as real. Discover it, accept it, and most importantly develop the unshakable belief in it and you will begin to experience the boundless and limitless blessings that are available to you as a result. A life of Joy, Fulfillment, Inner Peace, and Limitless Prosperity are your rewards.

Keep on keeping on and should you ever come to the barrier that appears to be blocking your path, just as you get to the point where you think that you just can't take one more step, where it appears that the world is conspiring to make you fall back remember this…….

Behind every magnificent success there is always someone standing there smiling and saying "I took action on my passion and I didn’t know when to quit."

-Chuck Danes

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