There is one thing that many fit and attractive women love to do and that is dance.
Likewise, as a man the one place you want to go in order to attract women is where they go to dance.
Now, your first reaction to this might be “I already am going to the dance clubs” which isn’t where women go to dance even though they do use dancing as an excuse to go there.
Where women go to dance is dance studios and dance classes which are where you need to be heading if you want to have some opportunities at attracting the type of women that you want.
Perhaps you are wondering if this would be a good idea even if you don’t know how to dance?
Absolutely! Women who love to dance love men who know how to dance and in the majority of cases love men who are willing to learn how to dance even more.
Really, the only men who shouldn’t spend some time learning how to dance in a class or studio are those men who have no intention on even dancing in their entire lives.
However, if you are reading this it is highly unlikely that you fall into that category as of this point in your life you are easily influenced by women.
In other words, at some point in time you are going to find yourself in a situation where you are going to dance and you can do so with the confidence of someone who has had some practice at it or look like it is your first time because it is.
In the end, learning how to dance at a class or studio has more to do with you than it does attracting women no matter what the reason is for you going.

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