How Organ/Gland Wisdom Solves Life & Body Problems
(Its all about Dancing With Your Dragons)

Are you confused about your Life, Body & Business problems?
Where did they come from?
Would you like to know how your daily unconscious decisions create/maintain your Life, Body (health), Business and Relationship problems?

Humans exist on 4 basic levels of human functioning: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spirit Life-Force energy levels. These levels are designed to INTEGRATE into one whole system of human functioning. Our trauma memories of perceived interpretations program our mental thoughts (belief systems) and emotional feelings of attitudes, which unconsciously make decisions in the present, as if we were reliving the traumas programming (decisions) of our past. Reactive decisions program us to ‘re-act’ or ‘repeat-actions’ of our past …in our present decisions/actions. This is all done by way of our 23-organ/gland energy systems, each of which have a very specific physical, emotional, mental and Spirit Life-force, purpose, plan, function, issue and trauma. This includes our mental thoughts and past memories of all our emotional feeling responses/reactions, which manifest into ...either physical functioning ...or dis-functioning.

Our Clarity for Perceiving and Discriminating Reality determines our ability to effectively express your 23 organ/gland energies to do essential functions that determine your health ...or illness! Your Spirit’s Life-force energy is designed to be expressed through your 23 organ/gland energy systems innate Life-force energy through 253 binomial circuits (all 2 way connections between 23 organ/gland energy systems), which connect organ/gland energies to provide special powers for solving specific life/health problems. It all comes down to aligning the RULES and TOOLS of energy, or aligning your 23 organ/gland energies (Tools) with the Spiritual and natural Laws of energy (The Rules), so “The Force” of the natural Laws is “With You”.

When we are traumatized to Not Feel Safe expressing our true/natural feelings …the trauma memory creates ‘drag on’ Spirit Life-force energy flow by spinning it backwards to survive what we can’t change or escape. This program emotional dysfunctions that causes Life, Body & Business problems!

“Integrated Health Care” is the latest health care concept …and one of great aspiration …but far from being scientifically available to the common person seeking help for their problems. Scientifically integrated health care has been difficult to establish because science is so confused by its "hypothetical constructs" as their knowledge base, that real organic constructs with an integrated mirror image language of human organ/gland energy functions of 23 Spirit Life-force energies may seem strange, but it is surprizingly simple. The BodyTalker reveals this simplicity by scientifically scaning/tracking Life-force energy flow and using natural organ/gland functions to decode these ‘energy flow patterns’ into “Integrated” health care services about making clearer decisions quicker.

For integrated health care services to exist, one must first recognize how your physical/emotional/mental/Spirit Life-force energy systems, function as mirror images of each other on these different levels.

All of this is discussed in Dr Allen’s FREE PRESENTATIONS on the different levels of Integrated human Functioning. “The BodyTalker” decodes human problems from 'drag on' electrical energy flow patterns into how that 'drag' relates to physical, energetic and psychological solutions that enhance human health and personal functioning.

Author's Bio: 

About Dr ALLEN

Dr. Dean Allen holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Utah State University. He began his career doing biofeedback research on "Autonomic Nervous System Control as a Function of Imagery", and then taught a University course on the Psychology of Consciousness for several years. Dr. Allen also worked as a Wellness & Consciousness Consultant for 10 years with major corporations at a resort in Florida, where he focused on teaching Stress Management utilizing Biofeedback to teach personal relaxation.

In 1987, Dr. Allen became acquainted with how Energy Flow Patterns (programmed by trauma) manifest as dysfunctions in the human body using the "The BodyTalker". Dr Allen has used this advanced technology exclusively with hundreds of clients for the past 17 years in his wellness practice . He is now focusing on helping to take these extraordinary tools to the next level of providing more Clear/Quick Insights into human subtle-energy programming. These organic insights enable us to identify and create positive long-lasting changes in our physical and mental health by revealing our unconscious decisions that are creating and maintaining our problems that are steadily manifesting into physical degeneration and dysfunction.