A belief is assuming something to be true, to be a fact. But the truth is a belief is created by choice. A belief is not true. It is not a fact. But many of us assume a belief is a fact.

Beliefs are decisions you made about events in the past. Beliefs can cause stress, facts do not. But beliefs about facts can cause stress. In other words, what happens does not cause misery. What you believe about what happens causes the misery.

It is not what happens that causes us problems. It is what we say or believe about what happens that causes us problems.

We make decisions based on something that happened. And then we tell a story about it. It is that story that causes us the difficulties. Not what actually happened but how we interpret what actually happened.

We must get rid of limiting beliefs that we all experience and stop self sabotage. For example, I am not good enough. I am not smart enough. I am not pretty enough. If I tell the truth I will upset people so I had better be careful about what I say. If you get my hopes up, I will get hurt. And the list goes on.

Anything based on something from the past that confirms a belief that we have only keeps it stuck longer. So the key to this is to identify what beliefs consistently come up in your life. They may not show up as beliefs. They may show up as the way it really was or is.

But there is really great news about all of this. And that is that you can literally change the way you live your life today by changing your belief or your story about events in your past.

Who you are gets created by what you believe about yourself. What is inside of you gets reflected outwardly. So you want to be clear about yourself as a person. Daily affirmations, positive affirmations unleash the power within and create inner wisdom and inner balance. You need to know what your beliefs are so you can start to clear some of them, just get rid of limiting beliefs and create new ones.

You can stop self sabotage by selecting what you want in your life. Consider christian life coaching or miracles life coaching or anyone who can help you get there faster. The problem is that as soon as you select what you want to be, do or have in your life, you will start to come up with why you cannot have it. You will discover beliefs in the way of it. They will surface. They will be your excuses.

You must clear them away. There are dozens of clearing techniques to get rid of limiting beliefs and stop self sabotage but only a few that standout. You must try them out and decide which ones work best for you. Some people are more comfortable with certain things and some people are more comfortable with others. You decide.

Author's Bio: 

My mother was an accomplished pianist. My aunt was an international artist. I became a workaholic. I believed the creative gene passed me by. That's what I told my friends because that's what I believed.

I interned at an advertising agency where I could choose to be mentored by the creative team or the executive team. I chose the executive team because I believed I was not creative and would probably fail. I believed I would have to find my financial success in the executive world. 20 years later, I had become successful by becoming a frustrated, stressed out, corporate workaholic. Then I hired a Miracles Life Coach.

Long story short - I now make my living by being creative. I'm an award winning photographer. I'm a paid copywriter. I create my own products. I help others, YOU, create YOUR perfect life. And I'm HAPPY.

Master the art of controlling what goes on in your head! Get rid of limiting beliefs and stop self sabotage. Identify your mental roadblocks, remove them, and then "create miracles". Watch a miracle move at www.MiraclesLifeCoaching.com