About a month ago I received an email from a friend which was a story about a Mountain Daffodil Garden. It was a lovely story and I happened to notice that it was in fact a real place called The Mountain Daffodil Garden in Running Springs, CA. I did a little research and found out it was about an hour from my house and was excited because it would be open in a few short weeks. I told my friend and everyone I knew that it was going to be open soon and we should make plans to go and see it. From what I had read it sounded amazing, and I knew I had to visit. There was no phone number for the garden but I found a phone number for the church, St. Anne’s and called right away and they told me that as soon as the time comes, a sign would be put out and the garden would be open. The Mountain Daffodil Garden is only open for three weeks every year. It’s tucked away in the mountains and as soon as the snow melts the garden is open for the public to view.

When researching the garden I found out that one woman had started planting the daffodils in 1958 and since then over 1,000,000 bulbs have been planted by her. What was even more fascinating to me is that each flower is in good condition for only a few weeks. So every year for a few short weeks in the spring, the Bauer’s open this magical garden for the public to view. I imagined what this garden would be like for weeks, and then last week I had the pleasure of visiting not once, but twice and it was unbelievable.

It was a lovely drive up there and the weather was just beautiful. The garden is not visible from the road, but after you turn into the church parking lot of St. Anne’s you see the sign for the garden and you know you’re only a few steps away from paradise. As I took my first steps down the path, what I saw was breathtaking. This mountainside had been transformed into Daffodil Heaven. Each and every step I took was filled with wonder and delight. Beautiful daffodils of yellow, gold, and white, each planted with love by one woman who has created the most magnificent gift that she shares with us for a few weeks each and every year.

I couldn’t help thinking about this woman who the locals say is in her seventies now, and I wonder if she knew when she first started that she would create something so spectacular that would bring visitors here for 49 years now. I learned that although a fire destroyed her home several years ago, no fire or anything else could stand in the way of this magical garden. They say she still tends to her garden and I close my eyes and try to imagine a fairy sprinkling magic fairy dust across the mountain, but I know in my heart there is no fairy. There is only one woman whose magic touch has the power to wake the daffodils from a long winters sleep. I imagine the love a mother has for her child and I know only a mothers love for her garden has the power to wake the daffodils from their sleep. And for a few short weeks her daffodils open up and smile for the world to see.

I took as many photos as I could so I could capture this beautiful garden and so that I would remember the important lessons I learned that day. I know everyone who visits will take away something special as I have. For me, I realized that this woman had a vision of what she wanted to create and she created something that will be remembered forever. I know that with each and every bulb she planted, she had no guarantee of what would be, but she had faith in what she wasn’t able to see, and she believed in her heart and soul that her garden would flourish. The fact that she envisioned something so divine and continued to do so each and every year is amazing to me. She was not limited by anything and because of that over 1,000,000 bulbs have been planted by her.

I know we each have the opportunity to plant our own seeds each and every day. But it is the kind of seeds we plant which will determine the kind of life we have. If we plant seeds of fear, worry, anger, and sadness, then we will certainly grow those things in our garden. But if we can make the decision to plant seeds of happiness, love, joy, and excitement, then I believe we can have our own Daffodil Heaven. I think if we can believe in our dreams and if we can see that magnificent garden of our choice, there isn’t anything we cannot be, do or have for our life. If we continue to plant seeds each and everyday knowing that they will grow and become what we have dreamed of, then we will indeed create our own heaven each and everyday. I know now more then ever that anything is possible if you believe.

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